What You Could Get In York For $10 – Betty’s Fat Rascal

By now, you probably know that I'm the queen of random trivia that could amaze some people I met along the way, yet (still) couldn't get me far in life. At least not so far.

So, now that we've read about what we could get in New York for $10 a few months ago, let me give you another random trivia… Did you know that New York is called New York, because it's named after York as King Charles II gave the land to his brother James, who happened to be the Duke of York?

Sure, just like all the useless knowledge that I've got in mind, I didn't get any medal of appreciation from spending on Google for a little too much.

But then again, on this week's $10 series, we will go to the original York because the lovely Nadia from Saying Yes would love to share with us some fatty from the city of England. Nope, I'm not fat shaming anybody here, don't worry! 😀

What You Could Get in York for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Let's Bite That Fat Rascal!

York, it’s the second most popular tourist destination in England — after London of course — so when friends, acquaintances, and relative strangers ask me what they should do when visiting my old hometown – so many ideas spring to mind.

When Marya got in touch with me and asked me to write this post for The BeauTraveler about spending $10 in York, my initial thought was “But, there’s so much to do” and then – a split second later I thought “Ah, Betty's!”

If you’re not a local to the county of Yorkshire, you might not have heard of Betty's – the tearoom famed in the area for its scrumptious desserts, delightful teas, and exquisitely old-fashioned uniforms.

Let me tell you, a trip to the medieval Viking city of York would be incomplete, nay, ruined if you were to pass up on the chance to visit Betty's in St Helen’s Square – to taste the most delicious creation known to man (and lady!) the Fat Rascal!

Fear not, dear reader, I’m not throwing out insults. Instead, I am letting you in on the secret of the tasty baked treat known as The Fat Rascal – imagine something between a giant scone and a cake!

Fat Rascal.

You can purchase these moreish delights to go, or to have in the tea room. I strongly suggest ordering a Fat Rascal warmed with butter to have in the tea room, alongside a pot of tea room blend tea.

This afternoon pick me up will set you back £7.65 or $10.14 so slightly over my given budget – but for the love of Yorkshire, splurge that extra 14 cents, this is far more than just a scone and cup of tea – this is a memory of time gone by and by golly is it a tasty one!

As well as enjoying the eateries, you’ll want to explore the hidden level of Betty’s that many don’t even realize exist, venture downstairs to see the old photos of soldiers being fed by the Betty’s Tea Room staff during the war, and see the exquisite original interior which has been perfectly maintained.

Contributor: Nadia from Saying Yes

Nadia is a Yorkshire native who now travels the world full-time together with her boyfriend in their 1969 VW Adventurewagen, they're on a mission to say yes to live and live a great big adventure. If you want to read more about their drive around the world you can head over to their blog, and check out their wanderlust-inducing pics on Instagram.

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