Review: Spacepod@Com Kallang, Singapore

I have mixed feelings when it comes to traveling to Singapore. While it is relatively affordable to book a flight ticket from my hometown, it's almost tough to travel on a budget in this city-state, especially when choosing accommodation in Singapore.

Choosing where to stay in Singapore is tough for budget travelers since even a hostel could cost triple of the average 3-star hotel rate in the neighboring countries. I decided to book my accommodation at Spacepod@Com Kallang for my last trip to Singapore for several reasons. Not only was it my first time to stay at a capsule hotel, but the photos I saw on Agoda also looked quite convenient too, while the night rate wasn't too expensive.

In this post, I'm going to share my verdict on the review of staying at Spacepod@Com Kallang Singapore. So, how was my stay at Spacepod@Com? Here we go!

Review: Spacepod@Com Kallang, Singapore - The BeauTraveler

About Spacepod@Com

So, Spacepod@com is not the first capsule hotel in Singapore. I could tell when I was looking into the hostel options prior to my departure, the review that came up on Google for this property was usually for the other capsule hotel in Singapore.

Well, there was one post with this property's review, but it was written in my mother tongue Indonesian. It was quite helpful, and at the same time it also gave me the idea to write an organic post in English too for the sake of page 1 on Google. #lifeasablogger 😛

There are a few reasons why I eventually booked Spacepod@com on my last trip to Singapore. First of all, as I mentioned before, I never really stayed in a hostel whenever I went to Singapore. Also, because I was really on budget this time, I could only afford to stay in a hostel with shared bathrooms. God knows how expensive the standard hotel costs in Singapore!

AirBnB is not an option there as well since it's illegal. I mean, I'm on the budget, so the last thing I want to do is to get fined. Hostel is definitely the best option for my trip this time.

My capsule pod at Spacepod@com.

The Location

Bonus point because this property is located around Kallang. Since I came to Singapore to watch Arsenal playing against Atletico Madrid in the National Stadium, and it is located in Kallang, the property was undeniable to skip as an option.

I'm quite familiar with Kallang area, because I usually stayed at my previous company's property whenever I worked from Singapore office.

Although the area wasn't as crowded as Chinatown, it's relatively easy to find something to eat around there. And more importantly, because there's Kallang MRT station so you can easily get around.

I think it's not really not surprising that Spacepod@com has a high rate on Agoda, because the property is so convenient in terms of service and location. It's only 5 minutes walking distance from the MRT station, and it's next to a few restaurants and bars which some of them open for 24 hours.

The Price

As if they weren't good enough reasons for me to book the property, the night rate was so affordable too… I had booked it through Agoda, and it only cost me $23 SGD per night. It could've been less if Agoda didn't decline my credit card. Stupid bank, didn't let their customer do the transaction on Agoda! 🙁

But anyway, for $23 SGD per night is an awesome rate compared to some other properties, not to mention that breakfast is included. It was super awesome, in terms of my pocket!

2-Night Stay at Spacepod@com

When I arrived at the location, the receptionist was waiting outside for the smoke break and she was super friendly!

I didn't manage to ask her name, but she was very helpful since the first time I came there. She only asked my name and my passport to verify the booking, and then she gave me the code to enter the property, as well as the card for my pod. 😀

She informed me the details, such as the fact that snacks in the refrigerator are open for 24 hours!

And the breakfast opens daily from 7 to 11 in the pantry area. And each guest has a locker to keep their belongings locked. Although I didn't even use the locker, but I think the facility is quite handy for the long-term travelers.

The view of the pods from outside.

The Pod

It wasn't exactly my first time to stay at a capsule hotel as I once stayed overnight at Capsule by Containers during transit in KLIA2. So I expected nothing less than what I experienced there. As it turned out, yesss… It has everything that I expected, even better because it looked even fancier with the spaceship kind of look! 😀

The pod was also as spacious, and they provide 2 pillows and a blanket that is warm enough for you to get some good sleep during your stay. Also, we get a towel for each stay.

It is basically a perfect place to stay, because even though I still had to share the bathroom with others, but I still got a big mirror in my own pods for me to get my own sanctuary and do my makeup.

There's some empty space in the corner of the pods that you can use to keep your makeup pouch so don't bother keep disturbing your neighbors just to reopen your big bag outside. You can keep all things necessary in the corner of the pods. 😉

The big mirror that was super handy for me to do makeup or all skincare regimen.

Not only that, because they also provide 2 clothing hangers in each side of the pods. This is super handy for me the hoarder, because I could hang my coat on one side and dirty clothes in the other before I packed it inside my trolley bag.

The warm blanket, the towel, and the clothes hanger.

And you can also adjust the lights or the air conditioner according to your liking. There are also 2 electricity sockets, plus 2 USB slots available in each pod. 

I ended up only using the USB slots to charge my phone, and thank God I just bought a new phone whose battery could last the whole day because it takes the whole night to fully charge your battery.

Only 12V sockets available, but then again I think it's better than nothing, right? 🙂

The light options and sockets available in each pod. And nope, it wasn't the phone that could last the whole day because just like most Indonesians, I've got 3 phones with me. *lol*

The Shower and Laundry Facilities

Okay, my first mistake is that I forgot to take a picture of the shower. 🙁

But no worries, because I've got the picture of its surroundings. So, Spacepod@com has separated toilet and shower. There are 4 shower rooms with 2 toilets. By the time I stayed there, I never found all of them fully occupied. A good point for someone who got anxiety whenever meeting some random people in the shower! *lol*

Being an Indonesian like myself, one difficult thing about traveling in Singapore is that you rarely find water spray in the public restrooms. I think if you're Indonesian or Filipino, you'll understand the struggle.

And this was exactly the reason why I bought wet napkins from back home, just in case I couldn't find the water spray at Spacepod@com.

Thankfully, they have the water spray!!! 😀

Laundry and shower room.

Not only that, because they also provide soap and shampoo in the shower. By soap and shampoo, they do provide the legit soap and shampoo and not the 2-in-1 that I usually hate about using the hotels' amenities. 😛

This is because I found that I ran out of shampoo when it was time for me to wash my hair. In the end, I used their shampoo, and I think it was Pantene or some legit shampoo as it didn't make my hair dry like the 2-in-1 soap/shampoo kind of thing.

Plus, there's 2 washing machines and dryers for you to use. It's DIY laundry that you can wash everything for free. So, since they give you a tower for each stay, if you're planning for a long-term stay, you can always wash your clothes and towel on your own. 🙂

Last but not least, they've got hair dryer that actually dries your hair. Overall, my stay at Spacepod@com gave me such a really good experience to stay at the capsule pod in Singapore for the first time.

The Breakfast

As I previously mentioned, they provide breakfast from 7 to 11 AM in the pantry. It's an open pantry that is located in the receptionist area. It's an open pantry where they provide you tea and coffee 24 hours, with some snacks provided in the refrigerator as well.

And for the breakfast, they provide bread, jams, and eggs. So you can have some sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate or strawberry jam, or you can also make your own omelet. 🙂

The pantry.

Apart from tea and coffee, they also have some orange juices and milk in the refrigerator as well. In short, I really think staying at Spacepod@com was the best decision I made when I planned out my trip to Singapore. $23 for all of these is such a great bargain!

The BeauTraveler on Spacepod@com

If you ask me whether I'd consider Spacepod@com again for my next trip to Singapore, my answer would be just one: YES!!!

It has everything that I want for an accommodation despite having to share bathroom, but it's so convenient and the service during my stay was amazing!

To sum everything up, let's see the plus and minus! 😉


  • You can still have your own privacy with everything provided in the pod, from a mirror to electricity sockets.
  • The toilet has water spray!
  • Free laundry and snacks 24 hours, with DIY breakfast included.
  • The staff is super friendly and assertive.
  • Only 5-minute walking distance from Kallang MRT stations.
  • Some 24-hour eateries are nearby.
  • It provides all necessities during your stay, like towel, amenities, etc.
  • It's so affordable that it costs less than $30 SGD. While it might be a lot in some countries, it's considered ‘low price' in the place like Singapore.


  • None from me, but the majority of people who have traveled to Singapore would suggest you to stay somewhere around Bugis, Lavender or Orchard. If you're into the mainstream area, you'd probably be disappointed as it's not located around there. But a bonus point for me, because it only makes it less crowded.

If I could rate this property 1 to 10, I'd definitely give a 10… Because that's how happy I was with the experience to stay at Spacepod@com.

So, have you stayed anywhere in Singapore? Where was it, and how was it? Tell me about your experience, and cheerio! 😀


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