What You Could Get in Penang for $10 – Enjoy the View of Penang from the Top at Penang Hill

First of all, I would like to apologize for the late post of this week's $10 series. It's not that I wasn't aware of this, because I really was. It's just that the circumstance didn't let me publish this post on time.

I was planning to come back home from Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, only for me to find out that I booked the wrong flight which departed earlier in the morning. As a result, I got panic, I had to extend my stay for one more night and buy a new return ticket. All those things, with a lot of things to do work-wise.

But here I am… Back to the $10 series, as now we've got Priyanka of On My Canvas to share with you how to spend $10 in one of the cities that I visited recently, Penang.

What You Could Get in Penang for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Having Fun in Penang on a Budget!

Penang island is a modern city that has a lot of places to see and things to do. If you are looking to do something within $10 USD, then prepare yourself for some good days in Penang!

$10 roughly converts to about 41 ringgits, the official currency of Malaysia. If you are a street food lover, you would see that $10 USD are more than enough to eat almost anything on the streets of Penang.

But if you have tasted all the good food in Penang and still wondering what to do in Penang within the budget, then you should definitely go to Penang Hill.

Enjoy the Food and Climb the Penang Hill

The locals of Penang, also known as Penangites, told me that Penang hill is like a calorie killer of the people of Penang. When they have eaten too much food, for Penang food is hard to resist, they climb up the Penang hill.

Accessible by about 4-5 ways by hiking, people who love to walk or trek take up the hiking options. But, a lot of travelers also avoid hiking and just take the Penang hill rail to go up and even come down the hill. The Penang rail is a great way to experience the Penang hill comfortably.

Penang Hill train.

A return ticket for this must-see rail costs about 30 MYR. You can either book the tickets online or you can also purchase the tickets at the Penang Hill train station that is located right below the hill.

You would find a long queue of people and workers waiting to get to the top. But once your turn to board the train comes, try to get a seat either in the front or the back of the train for the best views. The ride lasts about fifteen minutes while stopping in between at two stations. Hikers who get tired in between the hike often jump up on the train at one of these stations.

But don't forget that the train will only stop at the station if someone calls from the station and ask the train to pick them up.

Penang Hill.

A View from the Top of Penang Hill

After spending the 30 ringgits on the ticket, use your remaining ten dollars on the top of Penang hill. A trip to Penang hill is incomplete without eating the Ice Kacang at the top with some sunset views. The Ice Kacang will cost you less than ten dollars but the prices vary depending on the flavor.

The best time to visit the Penang hill is the sunset. You can see the entire Penang from the top of the hill. But make sure you go on a clear day, else the clouds will restrict the stunning view.

Contributor: Priyanka Gupta from On My Canvas.

Priyanka Gupta is an itinerant travel blogger from India who left her investment banking career to travel the world and write. Read Priyanka's best ideas and travel stories on her blog On My Canvas. 

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