What You Could Get in Kochi for $10 – Explore the Multicultural Vibes in Kerala

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A couple of weeks ago, we covered Hyderabad in our $10 series, and this week, we’re going back to India to talk about the other city. This time, we’re going to Kerala to find out how far you could get on the budget in Kochi

Kochi in Kerala, a city with myriad cultures in its surroundings. Nishu of Tanned Travel Girl will take us there to see things you can explore around the west coast of India.

So, what could you get in Kochi?

Various Things You Can Enjoy Around the Queen of the Arabian Sea

I explored Kerala, South India’s most pristine state, for 10 days I spent only $150 USD. My per day expenditure was on an average $15 USD ( around INR 1150 in the local currency).

Let me share some awesome things you can do for $10 USD in Fort Kochi, one of the must-visit destinations in Kerala.

Fort Kochi Beach, Kerala.

Did you know?

Kochi was an important spice trading center from the 14th century. St. Francis Church, the church where Vasco da Gama was buried, is also the oldest European church throughout India.

A Background Story of Fort Kochi

Before I tell you about what all you can do for $10 USD in Fort Kochi, let me tell you a brief history of Fort Kochi.

The king of Kochi gave one part of the coastal area to the Portuguese who then built a grand fort called Fort Kochi around the coast. After 160 years of Portuguese settlement, Dutch captured the territory and destroyed the fort. After 100+ years of the Dutch settlement, the British took control of Fort Kochi.

It was also once the hub for Jews in India who came from Europe in exile. Fort Kochi is a perfect example of the Dutch and Portuguese Colonial era in India.

Typical Morning at the Fort Kochi Beach and Breakfast

Mornings at the Fort Kochi beach are busy when the fishermen open their Chinese Nets hoping for high tides.

Well, they can show you the entire fishing process, do give them a small tip as a courtesy, maybe a dollar.

Kashi art cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Fort Kochi where you will find beautiful paintings and artwork. You can buy a wholesome breakfast for around $3 USD from Kashi Art Cafe.

Explore the Dutch Fort and Jew Town

The Dutch Palace was gifted by the Portuguese to the King in 1555. The Dutch Palace has now been turned into a museum. The entry charges are $1 USD.

Jew Town is an area where most of the jews were settled when they came to India. You can find some shops and houses even now. The visit to the market is free.

Kerala Meal.
Kerala Meals.

Mouthwatering Kerala Meals for Lunch

Kerala meal is what locals eat for their lunch and you will get more than 10 items starting from breads, rice, south Indian lentil curry called ‘Sambar’, vegetable porridge and much more.

The meal will cost you around $2 USD from a local eatery.

Rent a Bike and Explore the Mattencherry Area and Old Town

Mattancherry is a bustling center of trade and a hub where numerous communities (Konkani, Gujrati, Jew, Jains, Marathi) co-exists until today.

In the old town, you can see many Dutch and Portuguese buildings including a church where Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama, was buried.

There are many other things you can do including watching a movie in a local theater, a ferry around the backwater to get a glimpse of local life, watch the liver performance of Kathakali, a local dance form of Kerala.

Contributor: Nishu from Tanned Travel Girl

Nishu is a travel blogger based in India. She has been traveling around Southeast Asia and focuses on cultural, heritage and adventure travel. She is also passionate about art, coffee and finding the best vegetarian restaurant in an unknown country.

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