Review: Dream Resort Farm in Pakse, Champasak (South Laos)

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So, my progress to finish up the articles for my last Indochina trip takes longer than I expected. For some reason, I feel I get distracted way too quickly lately, and God forbids the procrastinating trait in me developed quite vastly these days.

Anyway, after I published my post on how to get to Laos from Cambodia by bus the other day, I've finally managed to spare some time to write this piece.

And this time, I'm going to share my experience staying at Dream Resort Farm, the accommodation where I stayed a few days in Pakse, the capital city of the southern Laotian province of Champasak.

Dream Resort Farm, Pakse

It was an impromptu decision when I decided to stop by Pakse after Siem Reap.

After finding out that the journey to go to Vientiane could take 20++ hours by land, I decided to transit somewhere in South Laos. And I eventually chose Pakse since it seems to be the easiest option available.

If I got to be honest, I barely did any in-depth research on where to go or what to visit in Pakse before arriving in the city. And I picked Dream Resort Farm quite randomly for the one and only reason: it seems to offer the lowest rate available compared to other accommodations.

I booked Dream Resort Farm for 2 (two) nights through Agoda, and I paid for $31.54 USD in total.

So, how was my experience?!

Why I Picked Dream Resort Farm for My Accommodation

Apart from a relatively affordable night rate, I also decided to book Dream Resort Farm because of the pictures displayed on their Agoda page. In addition to that, they mentioned how their accommodation features a garden and sun terrace with an outdoor swimming pool.

I eventually noticed that the accommodation will be a bit far from the city center. But I thought that it would be okay if they have a swimming pool, so at least I could spend my day swimming when I don't feel like going out.

Besides, they also have a shuttle bus available to take the guests from the accommodation to the city center and vice versa. When my booking is completed, I reached out through Agoda message to inform them of my estimated arrival.

They said that they would pick me up at the bus stop. And they did! 🙂

My First Impression

The owner of the resort picked me up at the bus station, accompanied by his youngest son. I felt terrible that the bus arrived 2 hours later than I informed them earlier, my bus got delayed from Siem Reap at the time and there was nothing I could do since when I realized that it would take a while, I no longer had the data to confirm to them about my delay.

The owner of Dream Resort Farm is Korean, but he said that he's been living in Laos for around 15 years now, so he basically lives the local way. His wife is a local Laotian, originally from Vientiane.

The family takes care of their business together, with the husband taking care of the accommodation and the operation in general, and the wife is in charge of the restaurant. Their two sons also help with their business, because… Asian kids with entrepreneur parents, am I right? #MeToo

I felt so welcomed in the accommodation, despite the husband is the only one who speaks English in the family. I can barely communicate with the rest of the family since they only speak Korean and Lao. Still, they're super welcoming that I didn't feel strange around them.

My Stay at Dream Resort Farm in Pakse, Champasak

I was expecting the accommodation a bit far from the city center. However, it turned out that Dream Resort Pakse is located a bit farther from downtown than I expected. If anything, the location is more like in the countryside of Champasak.

It takes around 30-40 minutes by car from the bus stop. Thankfully, the traffic is relatively smooth around Pakse, so I don't have to deal with traffic jams.

If you're not planning to rent a scooter or a car to explore the city, I would say Dream Resort Farm isn't your ideal accommodation in the city. The shuttle bus is available to take you to the city center, but that's about it.

The swimming pool isn't operated as what they described on their Agoda page, so staying in the accommodation and enjoying swimming under the sun is not the option.

The Check-In Process

The owner of the resort took care of almost everything. Not only did he pick me up from the bus stop, he also helped me during the check-in process.

As I chose payment at the accommodation, he told me to just pay by the end of my stay. He also emphasized that they accept both LAK (Lao Kip) and USD for the payment.

During the check-in, I asked for the wifi password, and to my surprise, he gave me a set of mobile wifi to use during my stay. He also helped me carry my bag to my room and told me that the restaurant is open up to 10 PM.

I was actually quite amazed by the accommodation, the area is huge with a few sets of the cabin on each side. Each cabin is made of 2 separate bedrooms, and mine was the closest to the lobby area. Exactly across the restaurant area.

Standard Twin Room at Dream Resort Farm

The price of $31.54 USD is the total price I paid for their Standard Twin Room, along with free breakfast.

The accommodation location might be a little downside to consider Dream Resort Farm as a place to stay in Pakse. And you can forget about it if you also take the swimming pool into consideration to book this accommodation. However, above everything, the service they give to the guests is remarkable!

The cabin is quite lovely with 2 twin beds, a desk, a bathroom, and a closet. I'm not sure if they knew that I was a solo traveler, but when I entered my room, they only had one bed with a curtain and not the other.

However, the curtain in the bed is totally beneficial since the humidity attracts mosquitoes around the room. Lucky for me, because I traveled alone, so I didn't have to fight for the right spot. But this might be something to consider if you have a travel companion when you stay at Dream Resort Farm.

Since I got the mobile wifi to use during my stay, the internet connection was excellent and I could even take it with me the next day since I didn't get my local number yet for my phone. It was super convenient!

The Breakfast and the Restaurant

When I said that the location of Dream Resort Farm is in the middle of nowhere, it literally is in the middle of nowhere. Once you're there, you basically have no option to eat except for their restaurant.

As I mentioned earlier, when the husband takes care of all accommodation and transportation-relation in their business, the wife is totally in charge of the restaurant. And for a good reason!

I only went out to downtown for a few hours on my first day, I barely even tried the local cuisine outside Dream Resort Farm because I ate at the restaurant most of the time. But you know what? I was never disappointed with her cooking!

My first breakfast at Dream Resort Farm, she asked whether I wanted tea or coffee for my breakfast.

They serve the same breakfast menu every day: some slice of bread with sausage and sunny side up. In addition to that, they also give papaya and banana for the dessert.

You see, I'm not exactly a picky eater, but I don't eat papaya. I just don't like the fruit, so I didn't eat it on my first day there. But guess what? The wife probably got it because the next day, she didn't serve papaya for me.

Some people really understand without us saying anything. I figure, she's that kind of people! 🙂

Also, they have a few dogs that will be nice and easy around the restaurant. During my stay, I really enjoyed being in the restaurant because of the tasty food they serve and the friendly dogs.

Speaking of tasty food, they have various kinds of food on the menu. As a mixed Korean-Lao couple, they serve both Korean and Lao food at the restaurant. And as I had a plenty of time at Dream Resort Farm, I tried some of them… Believe me, she really is a good cook!

From Korean BBQ chicken to Lao Khao Poon, they were all delicious! The price ranges from LAK 25,000 (around $2.8 USD), and I could assure you that you won't be disappointed by your choice!

Given the idea after Pakse I would get sick later on in Vientiane, her cooking is the best Lao food that I've ever tasted so far.

Shuttle Bus and Other Services

Despite the location that is far from the city center, the shuttle service is super convenient for the guests!

They have the assigned schedule for shuttle service available, but since I went there during the low-peak season and I was basically the only guest in need of the service, they could adjust the departure and pick-up time based on my request.

They have a convenient shuttle bus that fits for up to 12 passengers. And with me being the only guest at the time, I could pick where I want to get picked up or where I want to stop so it was awesome!

Apart from the shuttle bus, they also have laundry service starting from 10,000 LAK (around $1.1 USD) per kilogram. I used the service before leaving for Vientiane, I tell you what, their laundry service was super neat!

My Final Verdict: Dream Resort Farm in Pakse, Champasak (South Laos)

I had an enjoyable stay at Dream Resort Farm! 

It's not perfect, but what they lack in the accommodation, they also make up on other things. I suppose it would be more convenient to stay there if the affordable taxi service is available. But maybe not for now. 


  • Their relatively low night rate is the first reason why I booked the accommodation. It's definitely worth the price! 
  • Their hospitality is on point! They really know how to serve a guest, even their children… The first son is super polite and you can tell that he helps his parents by waiting the table at the restaurant or assisting them in some other errands. The youngest son, who's only 5, is also super cute and funny!
  • The food at the restaurant is the best!
  • I was surprised and amused by the fact that they provided a mobile modem for the wifi connection. Super convenient, especially if you don't want to spend extra money to buy the local mobile data.
  • They cater almost everything in the accommodation. From wifi connection, the various menu at the restaurant, shuttle bus, and even laundry service! 
  • The room is quite lovely and comfortable! My bus to Vientiane departed at 8 and the owner told me that I could extend my stay over the check-out time at 12 PM so that I didn't have to wait at the bus station! They're so lovely, for sure!
  • Their lovely dogs!!!


  • The area is super huge, but also so quiet. At night, I have to admit that it's a bit scary sometimes. 
  • The location is far from the city center, and it's quite challenging to get around unless you rent a scooter or a car. 
  • The swimming pool is inoperative. 
  • They could improve the maintenance around their farm area. 

So, that's how I spent my days staying at Dream Resort Farm. Have you been anywhere around Champasak province in South Laos? Do you have any other recommended place to stay in Pakse? Share your two cents in the comment below, and cheerio! 🙂


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