Unexplored Destinations in Kochi That Are Too Good to be True

Kerala, known as the God's own country is definitely known for its amazing untouched and beautiful nature. You could spend a week in Kerala without getting bored. But are you aware of the other things, or rather, places, that this state in India is famous for?!

The largest city in Kerala, Kochi, is known for its scenic beauty and amazing landscapes. Not only that, because it's the hub for almost all tourist destinations in Kerala with the old harbor area known as Fort Kochi. If you're planning on visiting Kerala and Kochi, it is best to give up all the thoughts and take our word to visit the places I would like to suggest based on the research I've done recently.

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The one thing that makes visiting Kochi recommended is as the place is so accessible with the presence of the International Airport in the city. Most of domestic, as well as the international flights, have Kochi as the route of their destinations.

So, it doesn't really matter your point of departure, because you will be able to reach Kochi easily. So to speak, this also applies for international flights as well. It's always the best option to book the tickets in advance if you fly from overseas, since you could get lower price by doing so.

Some cheap flight from Dubai to Kochi, or some other hubs like Singapore or Malaysia is relatively easy to get. That way, you can definitely enjoy the beautiful city of Kochi on a budget. There are plenty of places to visit in Fort Kochi alone, and so much more!

While there are also other options for traveling like by train, buses, or even cars, most people prefer to go to the city on the flights as it's relatively cheap and definitely faster. But other than that, there are some amazing places in Kochi that are just too good to miss if you ever get a chance to land in India.

Jew Synagogue and Jew Town

If you are planning to visit the city of Kochi, then don't miss to get a taste of Jew culture here in the country by visiting the Jew synagogues and Jew town in the city. This was built back in the year of 1568, and is one of the world's oldest synagogues with a lot of historic value in every brick of it.

Situated in the old part of the Mattenchery Town, this place is definitely an unexplored gem.

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Cherai Beach

Well, if you're the kind of person who love to be surrounded by beach, then Cherai is definitely worth your time if you ever get a chance to land in Kochi.

Located in the Vypin Island, it is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches around the area as it faces the Arabian Sea. So, next time you find yourself chilling around Kochi, travel for around 25 km from the city center and take some time to chill by the seashore in Cherai Beach.

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Willingdon Island

Are you familiar with the term man-made islands?  Well, the Willingdon Island is one of them!

Built back in 1933, the island is known for its beautiful jetty and the Embarkation Jetty is one of the most popular places in Kochi. Walk down the sidewalks on a breezy evening with the sunset, you'd probably realize that you might not need anything else to chill and enjoy life.

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Kochi is definitely a city offering a beautiful view. And not only that, because it is one of those places that have something for everyone. If you are planning on visiting the city, make sure to pay for a visit to all of these places and have a memorable trip.

Enjoy your time in India! ūüėÄ

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