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What You Could Get in Jaipur for $10 – Exploring the Budget-Friendly Shopping Haven in the Pink City of Rajasthan

This week, we’re going back to India for the $10 series to talk about the capital city of the colorful state Rajasthan… Jaipur!

In case you missed out on our previous coverage in India, you can check $10 in Bhubaneshwar and Kochi as well. But this time, I’m excited to have Sundeep and Bedabrata of Delhi Fun Dos talk about enjoying the shopping spree in Jaipur on the budget!

So, what could you get in Jaipur for $10?

4 Things to Buy on Your Shopping Spree in Jaipur

Have you been to the Pink City Jaipur? Jaipur, the capital of the colorful state of Rajasthan, in India, is pink for many reasons. It is common knowledge that most of the buildings in the old city of Jaipur are historically painted pink and thus the epithet Pink City.

Most people visit Jaipur for its forts and history. But we find Jaipur pink for a different reason as well. This is one of the most affordable shopping spots of India and you can buy some of the most beautiful arts and crafts of India in less than $10 that, roughly converted, amounts to Indian Rupees (Rs) 750.

In fact, Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise. The fabrics, clothes, paintings, crafts, accessories, ornaments all scream joy and colour. Not only people from other parts of India but also arts enthusiasts from across the world visit Jaipur for experiencing the rich traditional handicrafts mélange available here. No wonder, notwithstanding the scorching summer or the harsh winter, Jaipur markets overflow with shoppers throughout the year.

Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

Did you know?

Jaipur was planned according to the principles of Vastu Shastra and Shilpa Shastra, which is the combination of the Indian science of arts and crafts and geometry. The plan was completed in 1730, which makes people believe that Jaipur was actually the first well-planned city in the whole country.

As we mentioned above, shopping in Jaipur does not burn a hole in the pocket. Perhaps that is the primary reason why business is brisk here. Honestly, one is spoilt for choice as to name the number of things you could get that would cost less than $10 USD. Here is a list of things in that budget that you must look up when in this beautiful city of India.

1. Bandhani

Tie and dye is one of the oldest ways of decorating fabrics. This art form is practiced in Rajasthan under the name Bandhani (means tying) or Bandhej. Dotted designs on vibrant colours is the specialty of Bandhani.

Price of a piece of Bandhani varies on the fabric and the intricacy of design. However, you can get few yards of Bandhani fabric, or salwar-kameez (long shirt and pants for women) set, or a fancy scarf for $10 USD. These items are commonly available in any local market.

2. Silver Ornaments

Jaipur is popular with women for silver trinkets. A whole range of silver ornaments with a somewhat tarnished or oxidized finish is the rage here.

While most of these items come in traditional Indian designs, in keeping with times, many manufacturers create contemporary dainty pieces as well with colorful stones. Most of these items are expensive but one can get simple items, like earrings, pendants, toe rings, etc. within $10 USD.

3. Handicrafts and Handloom Items

Jaipur is a treasure trove of handicrafts in India. Wood carving, metalwork, lacquer work – the list is endless. You can buy amazing home accessories and souvenirs well within $10 USD.

The area surrounding Hawa Mahal is dotted with antique and crafts shops. These might look a little dinghy but if you walk inside these are like dens of crafts. Be prepared to bargain here, since, from our experience, that is the fixed price. If an item does not meet your budget, feel free to walk out and check the next store.

kachauri at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur. Credit: Delhi Fun Dos.

4. Food

There is so much more you get here in less than $10 USD.

Food is amazingly tasty and very affordable in terms of street food and simple restaurants. We tried the famous Rawat Misthan Bhandar and their sweets were tasty. A meal for 2 cost us less than $7 USD.

So, if you are willing to be a little adventurous, you can enjoy a wholesome history come culture trip to Jaipur well within your budget.

Contributor: Sundeep and Bedabrata from Delhi-Fun-Dos.com

Sundeep and Bedabrata popularly known as DelhiFunDos are a food and travel blogger duo from India, always up for fun times. Through their website and social media channels, they aim to provide a guide to a fun way of life. Be it budget travel, luxury getaways, weekend trips or the best things to eat in a place, they cover it all.

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