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What You Could Get in Bhubaneshwar for $10 – The Ultimate Ways for Budget-Friendly Travel in India’s Ancient City

Bhubaneshwar in India might not be as popular as other cities like New Delhi or Mumbai. But India has a lot to offer, and each and every city in India is known for its features, unique to the others. Bhubaneshwar is the capital city of Odisha, an eastern Indian state that is known for its many ancient Hindu temples.

This week, Ruma from The Holiday Story will share with us how you could spend a day traveling on the budget in the city of Bhubaneshwar.

So, what could you get in Bhubaneshwar for $10? Check this out! 😉

The Complete List of Ways to Explore Bhubaneshwar Under $10

Traveling to India is truly an incredible choice. Physical and cultural diversity oozes from every corner of the country.

Visit the Temple City of Bhubaneswar to look into ancient architectural marvels. Odisha's capital city well preserves its heritage even in the face of rapid urbanization. The best part? It's a paradise for tight-budget travelers. Here is a complete list of things to do in Bhubaneshwar, India with $10 (approximately 700 rupees) only!

Lingaraja Temple, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha.

Did you know?

Bhubaneshwar is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centers. It is popular for its majestic heritage and known as the Temple City of India. The name Bhubaneshwar is also derived from Tribhubaneswar, which means the Lord (Eeswar) of the Three World (Tribhuban), which refers to the god Shiva.

1. Nandankanan Zooligal Park.

Spread over 400 hectares in Chandaka forest, make a day-trip among the wildlife roaming around in enclosed jeep trucks!

Visit the Nandankanan Zoological Park for a fun thing to do in Bhubaneswar. It is a treat for nature lovers with a plethora of floral and faunal diversity. Spot the famous White Tigers, Black Panthers, Gharials and elephants. Find uncountable migratory birds relaxing by the Kanjia Lake.

Timing: 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM (April to September) & 8 AM to 5 PM (October to March). Remains closed on Mondays. The entry fee is 100 rupee for foreigners.

2. Udaygiri Khandagiri.

Deriving its name from the twin hills where it is located, it symbolizes the Jain culture.

It is one of the most popular archaeological sites in eastern India. The ruinous cave structures with wall paintings and carvings give a visual treat. Hathigumpha and Ganesha Gumpha are the best caves. One can hike or avail cable cars to travel across the hill caves.

Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM with an entry fee of just 200 rupees.

Udaygiri in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha (India).
Udaygiri in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha (India).

3. Lingaraja Temple.

Visit one of the oldest yet the most popular temple close to the Bhubaneswar railway station.

Built sometime in 6 CE by the Kalinga dynasty, it still retains its architectural charm. Surrounding a 54-meter tall main temple there are numerous smaller ones encircling it.

Believed to be one of the holiest shrines of Lord Shiva, the deity is bathed with milk and bhang (weed mixed with milk) daily. One cannot enter the main Shiva temple so there are raised platforms to get a clear view from afar.

Timings: 5 AM to 9 PM. Free entry!

4. Odisha State Museum.

Get a historical visual tour at this famous museum. Widen your knowledge about the state of Odisha and its ancient rulers. It stores palm leaf-inscribes, scroll paintings, folk instruments and bronze age tools as artefact treasures. Immerse in the rich historical culture of this present modern city.

Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM, charging 50 rupees only for entry.

5. Dhauli

It is the historic place where the Kalinga War was fought by Emperor Ashoka. Now a dome-shaped Buddhist peace pagoda is perched at the top of the hill. Visiting this site is one of the best things to do in Bhubaneshwar. There's no entry fee required to feel the peace around this remarkable stupa.

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM daily.

Konark, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, India.
Konark, Bhubaneshwar in Odisha, India.

6. Tribal Museum.

Odisha being home to 62 tribal groups showcases their intricate tribal culture here. The museum exhibits more than 2,200 artefacts including musical instruments, weapons, dresses and tribal jewelleries. Visiting here is a unique thing to do in Bhubaneshwar.

Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM, entry tickets are just 100 rupees for foreigners.

7. Ekamra Haat, Bapuji Nagar and Shahid Nagar Market.

Bhubaneshwar is extremely budget-friendly place for shopping.

$10 can fetch you tussar silk scarfs, Sambalpuri churnis, wooden handicrafts and hand-painted souvenirs. The best shopping corners are Ekamra Haat, Bapuji Nagar, Shahid Nagar Market.

8. Enjoy the local delicacy around Bhubaneshwar.

Cafes and restaurants are plenty and ubiquitous here. Trying local street foods is an absolute hit.

Relish authentic Crab Kalia, Mach Ghonto, Chungdi Mali with their staple – rice. Sweet savories like Chhena Jalebi, Rasmalai, and Rabri are a big thumbs-up.

If you love traveling then a little money can also fetch you wonderful experiences. Come to this beautiful medieval age city for a cultural getaway on a budget.

If traveling from the Puri beach, you should avail of bus services for these wonderful things to do in Bhubaneshwar. You can also include Konark, Rajarani, Mukteshwara, Parashurameshvara temples on your journey.

Contributor: Ruma from The Holiday Story

Ruma Dey Bhaidya has been backpacking for the last 20+ years. She lives in a joint family. Photography and traveling is her passion since she was a child. Whenever she got an opportunity, she never missed it. She is not a solo backpacker, so she always tries to do group travels instead. She prefers budget travel, so it can also help her save the expenses.

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