What You Could Get in Adelaide for $10 – A Fine Day Under the Adelaide Sky

This week, we’ll cover the capital city of South Australia: Adelaide! This city in the southern part of the down under may not be as popular as Sydney or Melbourne, but it makes it even worth visiting if you get a chance to explore Australia. It was the only city in Australia that wasn’t settled by the British convicts back in the 1800s, and it’s also the gateway to Kangaroo island if you want to experience the wildlife in Australia!

I remember when I was in college, there was a song with title “Adelaide Sky” released by an Indonesian musician called Adhitia Sofyan. The song had been played so often on the radio that the soothing voice of the singer easily caught my ears.

Now, now, even though I’ve never been to Adelaide before, but thanks to that song, I’d like to visit the city if I get a chance. Meanwhile, now thanks to Georgie from Journey with Georgie who would contribute for this piece, let’s move to South Australia to see more of Adelaide! 😉

What You Could Get in Adelaide for $10 - The BeauTraveler

How To Make The Most of Your Dollars in the Charming Adelaide

Australia isn’t known as a particularly budget-friendly destination, however even $10 USD can go surprisingly far – especially in the city of Adelaide.

A little bit further away from big names like Melbourne and Sydney, charming Adelaide offers even more bang for your buck (or fourteen Australian bucks, as it were – thanks, exchange rate!).

From a local, here are my top five things to do with $10 in Adelaide.

1. Central Market + Botanic Gardens

Adelaide is home to the southern hemisphere’s largest undercover produce market – the Central Market!

It’s such a great place to visit and meander through, stopping to try various delicatessen goods. My pick of them all is to head for “the Smelly Cheese Shop” and buy some cheese and crackers.

You can then hop on the free tram up to the corner of north terrace, and walk to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for a delicious picnic amongst lots of native flora and fauna.

Central Market in Adelaide, South Australia.

2. Glenelg Beach + Waterslide

Forget Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Adelaide has Glenelg – and we’re very proud of it!

So, pack your bathers and jump on the tram in the Adelaide CBD to Glenelg Beach. It’s only $2 each way if you have a Metrocard and travel between 9.00am and 3.00pm on a weekday.

With your remaining $10, you have just enough to ride the waterslide at the Beach House, a beachfront amusement park twice ($6) and grab a delicious ice-cream from Royal Copenhagen (make sure to enjoy the all-you-can-add toppings) – ($3.50).

After that, enjoying the beach is totally free!

3. Port Adelaide + Dolphin Cruise

It’s back on the Adelaide Metro to get to Port Adelaide ($4 return), an up-and-coming area that’s currently experiencing a rejuvenation. Just strolling through the historic streets is interesting, as there’s lots of great street art.

Another famous Port Adelaide institution is the Port River dolphin cruises.

There is a large, friendly pod of wild dolphins in the Port River, who love putting on a show for guests (usually). So, jump aboard for just $7 (amazing value, I know!) and keep your eye out for some friendly and inquisitive dolphins.

With this option, you even get change from $10!

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide.

4. Visit the Museums

Do you have even less than $10 to spend in Adelaide? Never fear!

Nearly all of our best museums are totally free. That’s right, save your $10 and check out the Migration Museum, State Museum or Adelaide Art Gallery totally free.

It’s also worth looking at the program for the Tandanya Aboriginal Art Gallery, which frequently hosts free exhibitions.

5. Enjoy A Fine Wine on the Day

I recommend spending the $14 you have left over on a glass (or two) of delicious South Australian wine at one of our cute small bars, such as Hains & Co.

So, there you have it – my three picks for how to spend $10 USD in my home town of Adelaide. As you can see, there are plenty of options to enjoy Adelaide on the cheap!

Contributor: Georgie of Journey with Georgie

Georgie Mack is a proud Adelaidean who is currently based in the English seaside. She loves history, wine and travel with value – that is, travel that’s good for the wallet, for others, and for you!

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