Uluru Resort: How to Experience Ayers Rock in Luxury

There are two types of travelers; those who don’t mind living out of their car while camping in an uncomfortable tent under the stars and those who want to be served and treated like VIPs. Although there is nothing wrong with either one of these types of travelers, we’d like to focus on those keener on traveling in luxury.

When you want to visit the great Australian Outback, you won’t even be able to imagine that you can actually travel in style. The deserted hot area of Uluru is usually associated with dust, sweat, and scorching hot temperatures. One might think that this means an uncomfortable hot stay without any luxurious facilities. Well, think again.

Even though Uluru National Park is known for being remote and far away from civilization, tourists who enjoy the finer things in life can still book luxury accommodation.

Wildlife at Uluru.
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Without getting your shoes too dusty you can experience a comfortable stay by adding the following to your Ayers Rock trip’s itinerary:

Food and Eating

One of the least favorite things to do for any traveler who want enjoy some down time is cooking your own food. Even though some camping grounds and parks situated within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta have self-catering facilities, ideally you would like someone to prepare your meals for you.

Luckily there are an abundance of restaurants, grills, and cafes you can choose from. They are all situated either close Uluru or situated within the National park itself. Easily accessible, tourists can enjoy meals prepared by locals with local ingredients.

Restaurants available are the Ilkari, Sounds of Silence, Arnguli Grill, and Kulata Academy café amongst many others.

Additionally, tourists can book accommodation with luxury resorts that have on-site restaurants. This means that you can book breakfast, lunch, and dinner without even having to leave the facility.

Some luxury accommodation has options for visitors to either request being served in their own private homes or dine at the on-site restaurant with fabulous views.

Upscale Uluru restaurants will offer guests a true taste of local aboriginal cuisine as well as introduce foreigners to other Australian tastes like shellfish from South Australia and beef from Tasmania’s Cape Grim.

Uluru National Park
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Uluru has a few different accommodation options available. Tourists can choose between camping or caravanning, staying in budget hotels, or booking a luxury tent with an exquisite elite company.

Sure, you’ll be paying a little bit more to stay in luxury tents and bungalows, but all the added benefits will make the extra few dollars totally worth it.

Instead of camping in the dust, sharing bathrooms, and making your own food, you can pay a little bit extra for an all-inclusive luxurious stay. This kind of accommodation will typically come with a private tent, which resembles glamping more than camping.

Rooms will have gorgeous views of the National Park as well as Ayers Rock. In most cases, private tents will come with patios for outside viewing and modern style interior. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get access to your own private pool in which you can enjoy a sundowner while watching the sunset and cooling down from the day’s activities.

Be sure, that luxury accommodation staff will treat you with the utmost importance. Their main aim will be to make you feel like royalty and let you sit back and relax. You can sleep comfortably under the stars while being offered a delicious nightcap while gazing at the clear sky with shining stars.

For an example of this luxury type of accommodation, visit this link: https://longitude131.com.au.

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Tourists who don’t mind walking around endlessly throughout the day exploring the surroundings will have fun doing so on their own accord. If you want a more exclusive experience, you can opt for a guided tour either around the Ayers Rock or through the Olgas.

Having an experienced guide lead the way will not only be informative and interesting, you’ll avoid walking far distances to underrated spots. Pack yourself a lightweight dry bag to travel easily, and guides can show you everything there is to see either by walking or by driving you around in specialized vehicles.

Chances are, that luxury lodges will provide you with naturalist guides who will treat you like royalty, share secrets from the lands, and make you feel comfortable at all times.

Another great advantage of booking a guided tour is that you will have the option to book a private guided tour. If you don’t like sharing your tour guide or vehicle with a large group, then you can opt for an exclusive private tour where it will be only you, your guest, and the tour guide. Booking a private tour will give you the option to completely tailor the itinerary and even request some special detours.

Other luxury activities can include scenic helicopter flights over the vast red lands, camel riding tours, dot painting workshops, motorcycle tours, cycling around Ayers rock, and many different hiking or walking routes around the area.

Read this article for more activities you can do in Uluru.  

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Relaxing at the Spa

There’s nothing that luxury travelers like more than relaxing and having a beauty or massage treatment. Especially if you are staying in such a remote space that’s far away from the busy city and pressures of everyday life.

Even though Uluru doesn’t necessarily have independent beauty spas and treatment centers available, you can find spas as part of a luxury accommodation package.

Guests can pick between different spa therapy treatments that are usually performed with traditional and local beauty products. If you can find a spot that offers an irmangka-irmangka experience, then you shouldn’t definitely try it out. It’s a spa treatment that uses traditional bush medicine to heal the mind, body, and soul. The mixture uses fresh leaves from the emu bush and olive oil that’s blended into a concoction and rubbed onto the skin.

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the wild Australian Outback without experiencing some exclusive luxury too. Relax, enjoy local food, and relish in the beautiful surroundings while being served and treated like royalty.

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