What You Could Get in Melbourne for $10 – Things to Do Around the City’s Central Business District

Yes, we’ve covered Melbourne in the series last year. But I promise this new post in the series recommended by Aaron from Aaron Gone Travel will still be as exciting to read!

If you’re planning to travel around Australia, especially somewhere around Victoria state, you may also want to check out what we have for $10 USD in Geelong.

However, if you’re more interested to see what else you can do within the budget around Melbourne, let’s check this out! 😉

What You Could Get in Melbourne CBD for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Enjoy the Free Tram Zone and Beyond Around Melbourne CBD!

I used Google and it turns out that $10 USD is equivalent to $14.31 AUD at the time of converting. In a city like Melbourne where the cost of living is soaring, $14.31 AUD is meager. It’s lower than the minimum wage per hour in Australia (which is $19.49 AUD).

However, with some guidance, you will be able to enjoy Melbourne with just 14.31 AUD!

I will only focus this post on places within the CBD area as public transport in Melbourne is pretty expensive – around $4 AUD per trip. The CBD is within the Free Tram Zone, so you don’t have to touch on your public transport card (MyKi card).

Short Stop, Melbourne.

But First, Coffee…

Start your day by getting your coffee fixed.

Melbourne is the unofficial coffee capital in Australia. Locals and expats alike are spoilt with café options. I prefer getting my coffee at Short Stop, which is famous for its perfectly roasted coffee beans and doughnuts.

Since we are a little tight on budget, just get a coffee ($4 AUD) and enjoy people watching!

Free Walking Tour Around Melbourne

If you are visiting Melbourne for just a few days, join a free walking tour where you can get some orientation of the city. You can give a gold coin donation ($1 AUD) or more if you really like the tour. If you’re not interested in the free walking tour, get on the City Circle Tram which brings you to Melbourne’s most important sights for free!

Some Eateries to Try Around Melbourne CBD

After the tour, get a Char Siu Bao ($2.70 AUD) from Wonderbao. Char Siu Bao is a Chinese favorite where pieces of juicy pork are encased in pillow-soft bao. Vegetarian options such as Choi Bao and Custard Bao are also available should you not eat pork.

It’s time for dessert after your snack! Get a soft serve from McDonald’s. This wonderful ice-cream with top-notch milk (you know, there’s a lot of cows in Australia) costs just $0.60 AUD.

To end the day, get a $6 spirits from Asian Beer Café!

Asian Beer Café is located in Melbourne Central, the heart of Melbourne city. Café is a misnomer – it is a bar bustling with life.

Students and young adults frequent there (commonly known as ABC) as it’s one of the cheapest bars in Melbourne. Rumors have it that their beers are slightly diluted with water so I recommend getting their spirits – which is just $6 AUD during Happy Hour!

Melbourne CBD.

Contributor: Aaron from Aaron Gone Travel

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