What You Could Get in Omaha for $10 – What’s There to See in the Biggest City of Nebraska

After covering Islamorada last week, today we will remain in the United States of America to cover another city in another state. And this time, we're going to aim to the state of Nebraska.

As some of you probably know, I know nothing much about travel destinations in America. However, thanks to the knowledge gained from Hollywood University, I suppose I could get some American jokes, antics, and stereotypes. And when it comes to Omaha, Nebraska… One thing that I remember about it is that it's the hometown of Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

Other than that, based on some jokes I heard on the TV show… I suppose Omaha is not that popular as a travel destination in America. Let alone for foreigners who might aim for big cities like New York or Washington D.C, it seems like even people in America rarely has Omaha on their bucket list.

But if you're a traveler like me who prefers to go to some off-the-beaten places, then maybe you should consider Omaha next time. Thanks to SJ of The Prosperous Blonde who will cover the city on our $10 series today! 🙂

What You Could Get in Omaha for $10 - The BeauTraveler

Explore the Off-The-Beaten-Path of USA in Omaha

Omaha may be a city that you don't know much about.  Our fabulous city is located in the middle of the USA in the state of Nebraska. We're the biggest city in the state, with almost 1 million people in the greater Omaha area. Pretty surprised at that statistic, aren't you?!

People who visit our city are always surprised at how cosmopolitan we are. I think people might have an idea of that Omaha is stuck in the middle of the prairie. Nope, that's not Omaha!

Have a Breakfast Like a King with Prime Rib at Lisa's Radial Cafe

There's a ton of fun things to do in Omaha and many of them are very affordable! Let's start with one of my favorite activities: eating!!!

We like restaurants and breweries. We have many top-notch spots and some very good hole in the wall places, too. I lean towards local, hole-in-the-wall-but-great-food-places, so let's start there.

For a great morning stop, head over to Lisa's Radial Cafe for awesome breakfast options.

This is a local Omaha spot that's been around forever and once you try their food, you'll know why. Everything I've had here is excellent, including the prime rib and eggs breakfast special for right around $10.

It's a crazy indulgent amount of food for breakfast, but hey you may only come to Omaha once, so don't miss it!

Joslyn Art Museum

For a little culture after your breakfast, check out the Joslyn Art Museum.

The museum features galleries, a concert hall, fountains, gardens and a cafe as well as some of the best art collections in the Mid-West.

The building itself is a work of art, built in 1931, it's one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the country. Believe it or not, admission to this gem is FREE!

This is a must-do while in Omaha.

Omaha steak.

Don't Miss Omaha Steak When You're Around!

As the home of Omaha Steaks, you might say we know something about beef here.

So for a great lunch, drive over to South Omaha and find Dinker's Bar and Grill. Try one of their award-winning burgers!

Dinker's has been around for over 50 years and serves up some of the best burgers in town. For a real burger bomb, I suggest the Haystack Burger.

The award-winning 7 oz burger is topped with American cheese, ham and a free-range fried egg. All this for $7.00!

Old Market.

Get Around the Rest of Omaha and Visit the Old Market

If you are able to move after eating lunch, you'll have tons of options for fun things to do around town. My favorite place in the city is the area South of downtown known as the Old Market.

This area is home to many historic old warehouses that have been converted into shops and restaurants. The ambiance is great and the shops are really unique. You'll find everything from antique stores to handmade jewelry to clothing boutiques.

Of course,  The Old Market also has lots of outstanding restaurants and bars to try!

For a super fun bar experience, head to the Laka Lono Rum Club. It's a super fun tiki bar atmosphere with incredible drinks like Mai Tai's, Hurricanes and Zombie's, plus their own house creations.

Enjoy the Night in Omaha Around the Bob Kerrey Bridge

To cap off your night in Omaha, take a walk across the Bob Kerrey Bridge in downtown Omaha. The bridge crosses the Missouri River between Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA.

You'll get a great view of the Omaha skyline and the river. Lots of weekends there are free concerts on the bridge so you may even hear some great music on your walk!

Enjoy your visit to our great city!

Bob Kerry Bridge.

Contributor: SJ from The Prosperous Blonde

In addition to blogging, SJ works full-time in the Financial Services industry where she's been for over 24 years. She's currently working as a project manager focusing on loyalty and engagement, and she always finds some time to travel and plan her next trip in-between her busy days. 


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