(Review) Lehdo Inn Hotel: Where to Stay in Sibu, Sarawak

Gong xi fat chai, happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it!

I found some statues of 12 animals in Chinese horoscope when I was in Sibu, so then I made the pig as the featured image in this post since we're welcoming the year of pig this year.

So, for those celebrating Chinese New Year or whatever you call it in your place (Tet holiday in Vietnam, no?!)… Control yourself before you become a pig on your own! 😛

Anyway, since it's Chinese New Year and I'm still yet to write a review on the hotel where I stayed in Sibu… Here it comes!

Lehdo Inn Hotel: Where to Stay in Sibu, Sarawak - The BeauTraveler

Sibu is the town in Sarawak where the majority population is Chinese. Therefore, for anyone visiting Sarawak, the recommendation to do in the city is to explore as many Chinese foods as you can. That's one thing that I missed in Sibu, as I didn't get a chance to get on a food adventure in the city.

Anyway, let's get straight to the review of the hotel where I stayed in Sibu: Lehdo Inn Hotel.

Lehdo Inn Hotel, Sibu

At first, I wasn't meant to stay at this hotel as I already booked a room in some other place. However, after I experienced the struggle of carrying a big bag through the staircase at Woodpecker Lodge, I then decided to cancel that one.

In exchange, I then searched for some other option to stay in Sibu with elevator option. My consideration was that I'd have a long journey from Kuching to Sibu by a night bus.

And it didn't help that my luggage looked a bit fragile with the stuff I had inside. So, I figured booking accommodation with an elevator is pretty much the logical thing to do to make my travel easier.

And finally, I decided to book a standard twin room at Lehdo Inn through Agoda for IDR 710,388 (around 210 MYR or $50 USD) for 3 nights.

(Early) Check-In Procedure

I arrived early in the morning, as my bus arrived in Sibu earlier than what I expected. I reached Sibu at 4 o'clock in the morning, and I had no choice but going straight to the hotel.

I already left a message about the possibility of me checking in early since my ETA was around 8 AM. And I expected the hotel to have a receptionist stand by for 24 hours. So, I was a bit surprised when I arrived at the hotel from the bus station, and the hotel entrance was actually locked that I had to knock.

Long story short, they didn't let me check in early as the room was still occupied and I had to wait until the previous guest checking out. Anyway, I didn't check in until around 10 AM when the previous guest left and my room cleaned up.

Upon checking in, I got charged 10 MYR for the tourism tax. See, I'm not too sure about the tourism tax in Malaysia applied. Because previously in Kuching, I was asked for 10 MYR per night. But then in Sibu, I was charged 10 MYR for my total stay for 3 nights.

Anyway, I couldn't really bother about it as the only thing I wanted to do at that time was laying on my bed and having some proper sleep.

Standard twin room at Lehdo Inn Hotel.

Standard Twin Room

Since I booked the standard twin room, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the room as the room was so spacious!

Honestly though, I gotta say that my first impression wasn't really good at this hotel since the hotel looks quite dodgy. However, as it turned out the building inside is quite big and the room is probably the biggest compared to the other hotels where I stayed during my Borneo trip.

The room comes with a desk where I could work use for work. And even though the wifi connection was stronger at the lobby, the connection in the room was quite decent too. There's really not so much to complain when it comes to the room.

The spacious desk, my little corner for work at Lehdo Inn.

During my Borneo trip, I usually washed my underwear on my own in the hotel room, and they actually provide some standing hanger that I could use to dry out my laundry. It was really helpful, especially since during my stay, Sibu was often raining so I had to also hang my jacket somewhere.

Despite providing us with a water heater in the room, unfortunately, they don't provide us with any tea/coffee or even a spoon. So, really… I'm not sure why they put a water heater, to begin with.

However, other than that, I have nothing to complain about. The shower is also quite spacious. They don't provide amenities except for toilet paper, but it wasn't really an issue for me since I have my own toiletries.

Standing clothes hanger in the room.


In terms of the room and facilities, I actually enjoyed my stay at Lehdo Inn. However, I think they could do better in terms of service. Like, the receptionist wasn't the friendliest.

And you know what's shocking? I got a message on my personal Facebook messenger from the receptionist. Like, after checking out, I sat around the lobby for a couple of hours and he didn't say a thing. But just when I reached the bus station to continue my trip to Miri, I received a message on my messenger account from some stranger. As it turned out, he was one of the receptionists at the hotel thanking me for the stay.

I mean, at some point I appreciate the gesture… But I suppose, some people might find this creepy. However, he made sure that they usually did things like this to the guests as the custom. Well, I guess thanks?! 😐


  • The night rate, around $17 USD per night for a hotel room with elevator facility. Not so bad!
  • The hotel room is super spacious, since I figure that it's rather a family hotel since the previous guests who stayed before me were some family with kids. And yes, it's also family-friendly. 🙂
  • It is located in the city center. So close to Tua Pek Kong and Sibu Central Market, two of only a few tourist destinations in the city. Pretty easy to get around, and so many options to eat around as well.
  • Even though the receptionist wasn't the friendliest, the housekeepers were so friendly. In fact, I left something in my room after checking out and the cleaner contacted me pronto. Good thing was that I actually left my bags after checking out to stroll around on the last day. So I didn't have to get in a rush of leaving things behind simply because I'm clumsy. 😛


  • The receptionist desk is not 24/7.
  • Well, the receptionist is not friendly. Also, I think the fact that they reached out to my personal Messenger could come across as ‘creepy' for those triggered and easily offended.
A glimpse of the shower in the room.

Would I Stay at Lehdo Inn Again?

If I got a chance to visit Sibu again, then yes… I wouldn't mind.

Although for the next visit, I need to keep it in mind to come later than 10 AM so that I don't have to wait too long for the room to be ready. I mean, why not?

The hotel is such a good place to stay with a rather low budget, but great facilities. And the room was super comfortable too. So, yes for staying at Lehdo Inn again!

Are you planning to visit Sibu in the near future? Interested to stay at Lehdo Inn? Book a room at Lehdo Inn here, and have a pleasant stay in Sibu!


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