What You Could Get In Macao For $10 – Asian Las Vegas on Budget

After exploring the world through this $10 series from Florianopolis to Queenstown in the past few weeks, let’s go back to Asia! 😀

If you remember the post on Hongkong in the same series, you might still remember Winnie from MillionDollarWinnie. And Winnie is so generous not only to share one city to cover the $10 series, but two…

And this time, the other city (and the other special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China) would be the city that is only an hour trip ferry from Hongkong, Macao!

You see, I always get conflicted between spelling it as Macao or Macau. But either way, the place is infamous as the Asian Las Vegas… Give me your two cents on how to spell it correctly while I share the tips from Winnie here! 😉

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Macau At A Glance!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first reason to visit Hong Kong on my 28th birthday was because I wanted to visit Macau. The only place that I really wanted to go was the ruins of St. Paul, because I saw a lot of my friends visiting Macau and taking a picture in front of the remains of the cathedral and despite the fact I’ve been to the similar building in Melaka, I just wanted to go there.

For this Hong Kong trip, I spoke to some people through Couchsurfing and despite there were some other travelers that I spoke to on the website, I only managed to meet another solo female traveler from Singapore called Fiza. After trying to fix our Hongkong-Macau itinerary here and there, we agree to travel together in Macau.

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