The Dorm Cave by Travellers: A Budget-Friendly Hotel in Cappadocia

The Dorm Cave by Travellers: A Budget-Friendly Hotel in Cappadocia

I didn’t get a chance to visit Cappadocia at the best time it could offer for travelers, but luckily I got an opportunity to stay at one of the best budget-friendly cave hotels in the area despite the lousy weather when I was there. In this post, I’m going to review The Dorm Cave by Travellers, the cave hotel where I stayed the night for 3 (three) nights in Goreme.

For those who have read some other hotel reviews that I wrote in this blog, you may probably know that I didn’t need much for accommodation. I’m a pretty price-sensitive customer, so budget-friendly is a must for me in choosing a place to say during my trip. Other than that, as long as the place is convenient to crash for a couple of nights and I can have enough privacy during my stay, I should be alright.

So, how was my stay at The Dorm Cave by Travellers in Goreme, Cappadocia?

Review: Liva Suite Hotel for a Short Layover in Istanbul

Review: Liva Suite Hotel for a Short Layover in Istanbul

Before I begin writing further about Liva Suite Hotel in Istanbul, I think I want to put some disclaimer about how difficult it is to deal with Agoda’s customer service if you book accommodation through their platform.

This was something that I experienced myself when I booked Family Room at Liva Suite Hotel in Istanbul. My flight with Emirates changed with the result of arrival later than it was scheduled.

My booking at Liva Suite Hotel in Istanbul was already confirmed, and God knows the effort I got to contact Agoda for this change of schedule. It was pointless to even try settling this through their website and app, but I finally could manage to modify my booking when I called their customer service center on their Indonesian phone number.

It was difficult, but at least I didn’t have to cancel my booking for my short layover in Istanbul.

Starlet Hotel Jakarta Airport

Starlet Hotel: A Budget-Friendly Hotel Near Jakarta Airport with Free Shuttle

I wrote about Best Western Premier The Hive the other day, a hotel close to Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta. And today, I’m going to review a hotel near the airport… But this time, it’s the one that’s located not too far from the main airport in the Greater Jakarta area: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all international flights only take place in Jakarta for both departures and arrivals. So if you’re planning to travel internationally to or from Indonesia, you may need some information about a budget-friendly hotel near Jakarta airport.

Since my flight to Dubai the other day was also from Jakarta, and they required a PCR test to travel there, I decided to stay in Jakarta for a couple of days and sort things out there instead of going directly from Bandung as I usually did. And this time, I chose to stay at Starlet Hotel during my stay before the flight.

Review: Solo Staycation at VillaCamp Salse Bandung

Review: Solo Staycation at VillaCamp Salse Bandung

It’s been a couple of months since I had my last staycation at Salse Bandung, and to be honest, I wanted to write a review of my stay since last month, but I was so swamped up with work since the past few weeks that I just didn’t have the time to do it, so here we go! 

Salse Bandung has two types of accommodation in total. One is VillaTel, which is a hotel-type accommodation that comes with some different types of rooms, from Deluxe to Premium. The other one is the one that I’m going to write about, because that’s where I stayed for one night: the VillaCamp!

Dubbed as their exotic cultural resort experience, the type of the accommodation is inspired by Central Javanese joglo style, with a gazebo-type accommodation that is more affordable than the VillaTel Salse. If anything, VillaCamp feels more like glamping with a twist, since it’s not exactly a camp, since half of the accommodation was built with bricks and all, but then again, you can zip out the “window” to get the view around your accommodation. 

Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis: How It Is and What You Need to Know

Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis: How It Is and What You Need to Know

Before the pandemic hit, KLIA had become my preferred airport to have a short layover for some of my international flights. Despite Changi’s popularity in Singapore, I never really enjoyed having a transit there as everything felt so pricey in Singapore. On the other hand, Kuala Lumpur is three times cheaper, and the airport is big enough to people-watching even though it’s not exactly a shopping haven or any place that is effective to kill boredom while waiting for your next flight.

I can’t remember how many hotels around Sepang area where I spent a night or two in Kuala Lumpur for my flights. I wrote about Capsule by Container, which is currently known as CapsuleTransit Airport Hotel in KLIA2. I also had an article about Bary Inn Hotel for when I waited for my flight to Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Airlines.

Other than the hotels that I wrote about, I also stayed in some others long before I started this blog. I remember, once I stayed at Sri Langit Hotel, a hotel close to Kuala Lumpur National Airport with an aircraft concept in their rooms. It was quite a nice, not-so-pricey hotel to stay for a night.

And as mentioned the other day, I missed my flight to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur that forced me to extend my stay in Malaysia for one more day. Since I was too lazy to even spend 50 MYR to leave the airport, I decided to find a room in one of the few airport hotels available around KLIA/KLIA2. And this time, I got a chance to stay at Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis.