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The Best Time of the Day to Consume Caffeine

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages. In fact, over 50% of American adults over 18 drink coffee each and every day. Whether you drink the same coffee every day, or use Coffee or Bust reviews to try new beans, there is a good chance coffee is a big part of your day.

But just what part of your day?

While most people will have a cup of coffee in the morning as a pick-me-up and a couple more at work during the day, are those really the best times to drink your coffee? While it might not seem like when you drink your coffee matters that much, it actually does. 

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A Closer Look to Miri: The Transit City in Sarawak

It’s been 3 months since I came back from my Borneo trip, and I’m still yet to finish the complete posts of my whole travel on the island. But bear with me, as I’m trying to be as productive as I can. Not only for the trip, but also for some other topics that I’d like to cover as well.

Anyway, after I previously covered West Kalimantan in the Indonesian part of Borneo, as well as Kuching and Sibu in Sarawak, it’s time for me to cover yet another city in Sarawak. And this time, I’m gonna talk about the third city that I’ve visited there: Miri.

First of all, Miri itself is just a typical big city. However, there are some places around there that might get you to end up there. Be it because you’re interested in visiting Niah Caves in the suburb area, or you’re on your way to Gunung Mulu National Park.

Yes, the city is the tourist gateway for some infamous places in the eastern part of Sarawak. Apart from Niah and Gunung Mulu, there are also some other destinations like Lambir Hills or even Tusau Beach. Whichever your main destination is, Miri is indeed a transit city to get you there.

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Life is Short, Travel Well

Life is too short not to travel and see the world. Instead of a routine of going from your bed to your work, you should be creating memories. And the best way to create memories is to travel, either by yourself or with the people you love.

Seeing things on photos or videos is no substation for seeing things in person. Here are some suggestions that might deserve a place on your bucket list.

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KFC Cho Chicks, an Alternative For When You Can’t Afford To Buy Main Course and Dessert Separately

Is there anyone who always has to go to an American fast food restaurant whenever they travel? Like, wherever you go, you just have to go to either McDonald’s or KFC?

Well, back when I was flying, there were times where I got flying partners who would choose American fast food chain over anything because they think the only halal food they could find is through this fast food chain.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I got annoyed traveling with people like this. Especially when they travel to Indonesia.

Like, what excuse do they have to refuse the local food in Indonesia? We are the country with the highest number of Muslim in the world. People will go ballistic when they find something haram in some food’s ingredients.

Speaking of American fast food chain, although I refuse to eat fast food in every meal when I travel, I also like to explore the variety of fast food in each country that I visit. My motto is simple: “When in doubt, choose McDonald’s.”

Are you planning to go to Indonesia anytime soon? Are you on budget to the point you can’t afford to buy main course and dessert separately for your meals? Worry not, because now KFC Indonesia has introduced a new menu: Cho Chicks, your favorite fried chicken mixed with spicy chocolate sauce.

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