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50+ Local Beer Around the World You Need to Add on Your International Travel Bucket List

Happy International Beer Day!

Wait, do you even know that today is actually International Beer Day? If you don’t, then just know that there’s such a thing like International Beer Day and it’s celebrated around the world… This Friday!

As a beer enthusiast myself, beer is one of the alcoholic drinks that I can’t simply say no whenever I get offered. More especially when I travel overseas.

It’s the only drink with alcohol that makes me feel like I’m a responsible drinker. Anything stronger than beer, and I start rambling about my life problem. God knows why I am like this. LOL.

So today, I’m excited to present to you a piece of collaboration about beer. Together with more than 50 fellow bloggers slash travelers, we would like to share the local beer around the world with you that you can add on your bucket list.

Do you have your local favorite on the list? Go check this out!

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Ice Cream Around the World You Should Stop By and Try

Hi everyone! 

Do you know that the 19th of July is actually celebrated as Ice Cream’s Day in the United States, thanks to their 40th president Ronald Reagan?

Well, I wasn’t aware of such a celebration day either until last month when I planned out my content calendar and found out this fun fact. As a result, I decided to invite some fellow bloggers to contribute their piece about their favorite ice cream around the world since my last collab post about instant noodles was quite a success!

It’s summer in most parts of the world, and ice cream always sounds like a great idea under the heat. But then again, who am I kidding? It’s still a good idea to enjoy in the winter too, so why don’t we start talking about ice cream around the world now on Ice Cream’s Day?

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Around the World with Instant Noodles: 15 Fascinating Hacks to Serve Instant Noodles in Various Countries

Hi everyone!

How long have you been staying at home for quarantine because of Coronavirus?! While some of you are probably busy trying to try new recipe because you’ve been blessed by astonishing cooking skills, some of us could only thank God for the invention of one thing: instant noodles.

Well, at least for me. I suck at cooking, and I’m proud to say that I’m a delivery queen. Honestly, I don’t think I’d survive if I had to get stuck in the quarantine 15 years ago when delivery service was very rare. LOL.

So anyway, this gave me an idea to compile various instant noodles around the world. And in this post, I’m collaborating with some other fellow bloggers to present instant noodles in various countries with some hacks to serve it when you feel a bit fancy.

I mean, I’m from a country where Indomie comes from. I don’t just buy them when I’m on survival mode. I buy them because it’s a necessity in my household. #asianproblem

And speaking of Indomie, my Indonesian pride kicks in when I found out that the brand is well-known in so many countries in the world. Even better, because they also have their own way to serve the noodles.

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon and Treats Containing This Spice?

The smell of warm apple pie spreading through the house causes the feeling of joy in most people. Who would resist these delicious treats, to which cinnamon gives that recognizable taste?

The benefits of this aromatic spice have been known for several millennia, but it does not lack gastronomic properties either.

Most pup owners are troubled by the question – is cinnamon a desirable ingredient in a dog’s diet? The answer is one big YES.

So, you no longer have to enjoy the smell and aroma of this spice on your own. Feel free to give it to your pet, but in a specific way, and taking care of the quantities.

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The Best Time of the Day to Consume Caffeine

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages. In fact, over 50% of American adults over 18 drink coffee each and every day. Whether you drink the same coffee every day, or use Coffee or Bust reviews to try new beans, there is a good chance coffee is a big part of your day.

But just what part of your day?

While most people will have a cup of coffee in the morning as a pick-me-up and a couple more at work during the day, are those really the best times to drink your coffee? While it might not seem like when you drink your coffee matters that much, it actually does. 

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