What You Could Get in Auckland for $10 – 5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in the Metropolitan City of the North Island

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Guess what?! The upcoming post is going to be the last city we're going to cover for $10 series in 2020, and this time we're going to cover a city in one of the best countries that handle the crisis this year… New Zealand!

So, after covering several cities in the South Island like Queenstown and Wanaka, today we're going to cover a metropolitan city located in the North Island of New Zealand: Auckland!

After trying the legendary Giapo ice cream or Auckland-brew Steinlager beer, what else could you get in the city? Thanks to Alanna of Periodic Adventures, let's find out how you could explore Auckland on the budget!

5 Things to Do Under $10 in Auckland

One of the largest cities in New Zealand, Auckland is perfect for budget travelers and has something for everyone – good food, rich culture (with the largest Polynesian population in the world), plus beautiful beaches, museums, city views, and more!

Located on New Zealand’s North Island, it’s the perfect starting destination for an epic week-long New Zealand road trip or a great base to explore the farthest northern reaches of the North Island.

Currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar, where 1 USD = 1.5 NZD. It might not seem like much but $10 USD (or $15 NZD) can go pretty far in Auckland.

Did you know?

Auckland was the capital city of New Zealand for 25 years, from 1842 to 1865 before they appointed Wellington for the title. One of the reasons it lost its role as the capital was because, at the time, the government officials traveling from the south had to take up to two months to reach the city.

the city view in Auckland

Admire the local flora at Auckland Botanic Gardens – free

Located south of the city center, the Auckland Botanic Gardens make for a relaxing activity outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

This free attraction has many plants and gardens like a special native forest walk-through, roses, perennials, herbs, African plants, edibles, and even an orchard!

Don’t forget to lookout for butterflies!

Auckland Botanic Gardens.
Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Try Traditional Maori Food – $10 NZD

The Maori people are native to New Zealand. Throughout the country, you can learn about their culture, witness their cultural shows, and try some Maori food!

In Auckland, one popular option is toasted sammies made with traditionally cooked meat. You can find them at Hangi Shop for $10 NZD each.

Personally, my favorite Maori food is traditional fry bread. You can try some for as little as $2 NZD.

Explore the Pink Path – free

Head to the Nelson Street Cycleway, a bicycle and pedestrian path throughout Auckland.

The most iconic part is the “Pink Path,” which is quite literally pink and is illuminated at night. The Pink Path connects Quay Street and Upper Queen Street.

Try Kava – $6.50 NZD

Kava is a drink local to the South Pacific made from Piper methysticum root. It has been consumed for medicinal, spiritual, and cultural reasons and is a unique foodie bucket list thing to try!

A small kava drink will cost you $6.50 NZD.

Kitekite Falls.
Kitekite Falls.

Hike to Kitekite Falls – free

Just 40 km from Auckland, you’ll find Kitekite Falls, an incredible 3-tier waterfall that is free to hike to! If you’re looking for an adventure with rewarding views, Kitekite Falls won’t let you down.

You can go swimming at the base of the waterfall and even hike up to the top to see the water pouring over the side. Be respectful of the trail and use the cleaning station to properly disinfect your shoes before embarking on the trail. Pack a lunch and make a day out of it!

With so many free attractions, it’s easy to find something awesome to do in Auckland and for $10 or less, you can easily save your money for food only!

Contributor: Alanna Koritzke of Periodic Adventures

Alanna is a part-time traveler and full-time graduate student working on her PhD in Chemistry. She loves sharing how to travel on a student-sized budget with student-sized time off. She considers herself a hyper-planner, and loves the planning part of traveling! Alanna writes detailed travel guides with budget tips and student specific travel advice to help ease the planning process.

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