The Alternative to Calgary to Banff Bus

Traveling by bus has its positive sides. If you travel from Calgary to Banff on holiday with friends (especially when you are young), a bus ride can be a kind of adventure.

The most significant advantages of this type of transport are its accessibility and the fact that you can be careless because you don't drive.

Buses for traveling to distant destinations are comfortable, spacious, and have a range of performances that add to their comfort.

Still, in some cases, traveling by bus to Banff is not the best solution. For example, if you are going to a business meeting, or you want to travel alone, a bus ride can be exhausting or boring.

Also, if you have to get there fast, traveling by car is an entirely logical choice. If you don't have a personal vehicle, there is an option to rent one.

As seen on, car rental prices in Calgary are very affordable, and the agencies have diverse fleets, so you can choose in which vehicle you will go to Banff.

Tourist Travel to Banff

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If the road takes you to Alberta province, and if you have time, you should visit Banff.

This small place is full of tourists at any time of the year because it has diverse content and beautiful, breathtaking landscapes. What makes it unique is that the village is located in the middle of the eponymous national park, so you can enjoy the untouched nature.

You may have decided to spend a weekend in this place or try the far-famed ski or bike trails within Banff National Park. Perhaps you imagined your perfect summer vacation as a getaway to the mountains.

The bus ride from Calgary to Banff would take about 3 hours, not including possible stops along the way.

If you go by car, you will shorten the travel time almost twice. It means that you will get to this lovely destination earlier and have more time to enjoy it.

When traveling by car, you can drive through the national park and admire the sights. All buses from Calgary stop at the bus station in Banff town.

SUV for Cozy and Safe Drive

Renting an electric SUV to transport you from Calgary to Banff is a great and economical way to skip the bus trip. Plug-in vehicles have proven safe and reliable even when driving on mountainous, slippery roads (if you travel in winter). Check additional hints for a safe winter ride.

Also, many electric models of the new generation have a full overhead panoramic front windscreen. You can enjoy the view of the snowy peaks (in the mountains surrounding Banff, there is snow all year round).

If you hire a driver with the car, you can agree about which destinations you want to visit, and whether they should wait for you or just drop you off. If you plan to stay for a few days, a better solution is to rent a car. You can go to all the places you want and stay as long as necessary, without paying additional rates for the driver.

Alternatively, van life can also be fun especially if you're traveling with your friends. Not only will it give you flexibility on where you want to go, you can also take turns driving the van, so each one of you gets adequate time to rest for your journey!

Business Trip

Business meetings are formal, and on them, people are talking about serious things. Still, that doesn't mean these gatherings always have to be held in offices and conference rooms.

Some companies prefer to give their business a certain amount of leisure, and therefore organize conferences, seminars, and meetings in places like Banff.

The view of the vast forests and the Canadian Rockies seems soothing and can help you relax and focus on work. Even if you need to have several meetings in one day or a few days, it will be easier for you when fascinating landscapes surround you.

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Plug-In Car as an Advantage

To leave a good impression on clients or business partners with whom you have a meeting in Banff, you can get there in a luxury car. If you work in a highly-responsible position and come as a representative of the company you work for, you should do it in the best possible way.

If you are coming as a tourist, you should find out about excursions and tours that go to the national park and nearby attractions. If you haven't planned your trip well before you set off, it can take a long time.

There is great concern among business people about pollution, and all large companies are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And what is a better way to show that you are environmentally conscious than driving vehicles that are 100% emission-free?

If you opt for a sports model of an electric vehicle with wing doors, getting out of it will seem very powerful. On the other hand, the classic sedan variant is a proven choice and will leave the impression of a calm and professional person.

Going to the Party

Renting an electric car can bring you an initial advantage. You will be noticed as someone who cares about the environment, but also pays attention to elegance.

Banff is located relatively close to Calgary and is an attractive location. No wonder many locals decide to make their celebrations and festivities memorable and hold them in one of the many hotels, restaurants, and celebration halls in this place.

If your friends or relatives have scheduled a wedding or any other celebration at this fairytale location, you must go there in style. Going from Calgary to Banff by bus is not glamorous and doesn't suit such festive occasions.

When celebrations are scheduled in more remote locations, guests usually arrive earlier, stay at nearby accommodations, and perhaps, tour around Banff. They have enough time to come to the party fresh and rested. If you can’t stay in Banff for more than a day, that can be a trouble if you don’t have a car. That is why renting an attractive vehicle is a full score.

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On the following source, find out more about Banff’s tourist offer:

If you decide to rent an electric sedan, you can go to the celebration the same day, because you can reach your desired destination in Banff from Calgary in less than two hours.

The ride will be comfortable and carefree, and you won't feel tired because you haven't been behind the wheel for a long time. You’ll be relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself with dear people.

Once you get a chance to visit Banff, you shouldn’t miss it. This beautiful place is nestled between the mountains and untouched nature, which people should take care of.

Traveling by an electric vehicle to this small town in Alberta is your small contribution to preserving this beautiful location.


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