What You Could Get in Kyiv for $10 – Things to Do in the Capital of Ukraine on the Budget

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Earlier this year, I covered the first Ukrainian city in this $10 series. And after covering Lviv a few months ago, I’m excited to talk about another city in Ukraine. And this time, it’s the one and only the capital city of Ukraine: Kyiv.

Thanks to Inessa and Natalie of Through a Travel Lens, we will find out soon how to spend your $10 in Kyiv. So what are there to see in Kyiv? Check this out!

8 Ways to Affordably Explore Kyiv in a Day

The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, is definitely one of the most underrated European destinations. For starters, it is a beautiful and cozy city with amazing architecture and lots of things to do regardless of the season.

But another fact worthy of mentioning is that Kyiv is ridiculously cheap. Having $10 in a pocket can get you a day of activities, great food, and even a cab ride.

Having $10 in a pocket can get you a day of activities, great food and even a cab ride in Kyiv!

10 $ – How much is it in the local currency?

Ukrainians use hryvnas. 1 USD = 27 UAH (exchange rates in 2020).

Explore Kyiv Old Town

To get a proper first impression of the city, walk down its oldest street, the Andriivsky descent.

The cobbled street will lead you past a 600-year old linden tree, a beautiful Andriivsky Church with its blue and golden domes, past the haunted castle of King Richards the Lionheart (who never lived here), four houses with the number #13 on them, and straight to the Ferris Wheel.

Cost: Free

Indulge in Kyiv Coffee Culture

On average, the resident of this city drinks at least three cups of coffee a day. It’s that good in Ukraine. Plus, there are lovely coffee shops on every corner.

What’s even better than having a regular cup of good coffee? Having it with a view.

Head towards Pinchuk Art Center at Bessarabska square, and take the elevator to the 6th floor, straight to the One Love Coffee bar. This is a beautiful and stylish white cafe with a gorgeous panorama of Kyiv’s downtown.

Cost of coffee: $1.50

Discover Modern Art

Since you are in the Pinchuk Art Center already, it is worth mentioning that this is the city’s biggest museum of contemporary art.

It hosts some of the biggest names in the artistic world, including Damien Hurst. What’s even better, the entrance is free of charge. All you need to do is wait in line to be admitted.

Try Local Food

By lunchtime, find the closes Puzata Hata, and try some local food. Puzata Hata is a network of cafes around the city serving cheap and delicious Ukrainian cuisine.

Be ready to stand in line along with many locals who head here from the nearby offices. The place is very popular, and it’s no wonder.

At about $3, you can count on a proper meal, with borsh (Ukrainian beetroot soup) or varenyky (dumplings with different stuffings).

Cost: $3

Descend the Deepest Metro Station in the World

“Why on earth is it so deep?” is the usual reaction of any visitor who descends the Arsenalna metro station. It goes 344 feet down.

Another thing about the Kyiv metro is that each of its stations has a unique design, so you can easily spend a day wandering the underground.

From Arsenalna, head towards Demiivska metro station.

Cost of the metro ride: 0.30 cents

Hike in the best open-air museum of the city

The second part of the day is perfect for visiting Pirogovo not far from Demiivska metro station.

This is a unique open-air museum with authentic thatched huts, wooden windmills, old churches and pubs brought from every corner of the country and reassembled in the big park. Any of the hills in Pirogovo is also perfect for catching the sunset.

Cost of the ticket: $ 1.80

Join the hustle and bustle of Khreshatyk street

To any of the locals, the main street of Kyiv, Khrestatyk, is the worst place to be at during the daytime, and the best place to head to in the evening.

Especially on the weekends, when all eight busy lanes of the road turn into the pedestrian area. The local musicians throw concerts and the residents are dancing, walking, skating, or simply sitting in many cafes and enjoying the evening.

This is also a great street to find some souvenirs and trinkets to take back home.

Cost: $2 for small souvenirs

Spend the remaining $1.40 on the bucket of mussels

In the middle of Khrestatyk, there is a great seafood cafe that many residents are absolutely in love with. This is a place where any item on the menu costs around $1 or slightly more.

The best way to go is to order a bucket of mussels from the Black Sea, climb the old and massive stone stairs atop the cafe and to chat with the locals.

Contributor: Inessa and Natalie Rezanova from Through a Travel Lens.

Inessa and Natalie are storytellers living in Kyiv, Ukraine. They blog about beautiful locations in their home country.

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