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What You Could Get In Tokyo For $10 – Anime, Yay or Nay?

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Minna saikou, arigato… K-k-k-kawaii! 

First of all, I don’t speak Japanese and I only know the phrase thanks to Avril Lavigne with her song Hello Kitty. I’ve figured what that means, thanks to Google…

But then yes, thanks everyone who has contributed for this feature so far and the reason why I started this post with Japanese is as this time, Thais from World Trip Diaries will give us some insights about how to spend your $10 in one of the most expensive cities in the world: Tokyo.

Yup! I think this city is known with how high the living cost is there. I mean, as someone who has dated someone who lived in Tokyo, I’m quite familiar with it. So, how far could you get with $10 in the land of rising sun?

But anyway, over to you Thais! 😉

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I Got Nominated Again for Liebster Award 2018!

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Some of you probably noticed that last year, I got nominated for Liebster Award here. So it was a little surprise that I got nominated again by Emina this year. Hvala, lijepa! 😀

I was a bit hesitant to do it as I thought that the rules would be pretty much similar to what I’ve done last year, but when I read it, there’s actually some minor change and since Liebster Award is more like a ‘message chain’ from one blogger to another, in a good way though, since that way not only that we know each other as blogger fellas but it won’t hurt anyone to know each other a little better personally.

So, finally I decided to do the Liebster Award for this year aiming for some other cool bloggers that I got to know in the past few months. There we go! 😀

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What You Could Get In Jakarta For $10 – Museums and Some Good Meals in 2 Days!

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Hello there, all beautravelers!

It’s April 11th, and you know what that means? Yup, according to What You Could Get In The City For $10 schedule, it’s time for the queen to speak about her wisdom!

No, not really… But yes, it’s time for me to share with you about what you could get in Jakarta for $10.

When I started this project earlier in February, I was actually planning to write about Bandung, but then I had to spend my time in Jakarta the whole February and the first half of March, so I thought, why don’t I make Jakarta instead? After all, it’s the capital city of Indonesia anyway.

So, there you go! 😀

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