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What You Could Get in Georgetown for $10 – One-Stop Spot for Culinary Adventures in Penang

Hi everyone, welcome back to yet another series from What You Could Get in the City for $10!

Today, although you’ve probably read another post covering Penang earlier this year, we’re gonna talk about the city again… Although this time we’re gonna do differently since it’s gonna focus in Georgetown area, the area where is highly recommended to explore if you visit Penang for the first time.

Kirsten from Sand in My Curls will be sharing what to explore in the area within the budget. So, what could you get in Georgetown for $10?

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What You Could Get in Penang for $10 – Enjoy the View of Penang from the Top at Penang Hill

First of all, I would like to apologize for the late post of this week’s $10 series. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of this, because I really was. It’s just that the circumstance didn’t let me publish this post on time.

I was planning to come back home from Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, only for me to find out that I booked the wrong flight which departed earlier in the morning. As a result, I got panic, I had to extend my stay for one more night and buy a new return ticket. All those things, with a lot of things to do work-wise.

But here I am… Back to the $10 series, as now we’ve got Priyanka of On My Canvas to share with you how to spend $10 in one of the cities that I visited recently, Penang.

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Read A Road Map Day 2019: 13 Easily Navigated Cities in Southeast Asia

Hello, everyone… How has your April been so far?! Got any prank last April Fools?

Speaking of which, did you know that 5 April marks “Read A Road Map Day”?!

Well, yes… Today is the day, and therefore I’ve got an idea to compile a collab post about some easily navigated cities in Southeast Asia. The cities whose maps are easy to read and navigate, with some handy transportation options to get around.

Honestly, it’s not as easy as it sounds to find the cities with such description in Southeast Asia. But good teamwork leads us here, and here I present you with the 13 easily navigated places in the region. Recommended by me and some other fellow bloggers! 😉

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5 Best Things for Solo Travelers to Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is a gorgeous country that sits in the jewel that is Southeast Asia. It’s quite unique in that it has two main islands that both join onto two completely different countries. Lately, it’s become one of the hottest travel destinations – particularly for people traveling on their own.

Solo travel can be quite daunting, which is why it helps when you have a nice safe place to go to. Malaysia is definitely this, and there are so many things you can see and do as well. Today, we’ll run through all the best stuff for solo travelers to enjoy on their trip to Malaysia.

As a solo traveler, it’s important to know things you need to prepare for your trip to Malaysia. But other than that, what else can you do around the country?

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Not So Thrilled at Penang Hill

Last year, I was still on probation in April and the situation forced me to just stay in Penang for 2 days for Sya’s wedding as I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids. But since it was my first time in Penang, I thought that I still had to go somewhere that was not just the wedding to see what’s in there.

So this classic rookie who barely knows how to read a map eventually made some mistakes on her first visit in Penang.

So I booked the hostel around Georgetown area and after talking to this cute girl who was my Uber driver, she told me that I should have booked a hotel around Little India as places to visit can be reached by walking distance.

In my defense though, there are way too many Georgetown villas and hotels that are way too good to miss as options there.

However, being positive as I rarely am (lol), I decided that maybe it’s just a sign to revisit Penang someday to see more parts of the city.

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