Review: Shuttle Service From Bandung to Jakarta Airport with Bhinneka

So, after almost two years of not leaving my hometown, I finally made my first trip overseas since the pandemic. Although, if I gotta be honest, I felt like I had to start from square one because things got a little awkward with all the health protocols and all.

When I tried to book a shuttle bus from Bandung to the airport in Jakarta, I was a little lost on where I should book the ticket first as if I had never done it before. Eventually, I made a booking through Traveloka with Bhinneka Shuttle. 

It was my first time using Bhinneka Shuttle since I usually used Primajasa or Cititrans for the shuttle bus to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. However, I decided to give it a try since I got a discount on Traveloka and the ticket for Bhinneka Shuttle is the lowest one compared to other shuttle companies. 

I paid for only IDR 165,000 (around $11.55 USD) from their pool in Pasteur (which was convenient for me, as it's close to my home address!) to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Since I already booked a hotel close to the airport and the hotel management told me that they'd pick me up at Terminal 3, I asked the driver to drop me off there. 

Ticket Booking Experience With Traveloka

waiting area at bhinneka shuttle service pool in pasteur, bandung
Waiting area at Bhinneka Shuttle pool service in Pasteur, Bandung.

While I often book flight tickets and accommodation through Traveloka, I was hesitant to book a shuttle bus service via Traveloka. The last time I booked a shuttle bus through the platform was when I took Damri from Pontianak to Singkawang in West Kalimantan, and it was a total mess. 

However, I suppose it was more something to do with the infrastructure in Kalimantan rather than Traveloka as the booking platform because my experience this time was rather smooth. 

So I just booked the ticket for a shuttle bus at 11 AM from Bandung, made the payment online and then by the time I reached the pool in Pasteur, I just had to hand over my booking to the register. 

Bonus point since the bus departed on time, and even if you arrived early, you can just sit around the waiting area and there are some food stalls from pusat oleh-oleh to just a small coffee shop. 

It definitely changed my perspective after getting some bad experience the last time I used Traveloka to book a shuttle bus service! 😉 

Review: Bhinneka Shuttle Service From Bandung to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

As a local who originally comes from Bandung myself, I could confirm that Bhinneka is not exactly the first service that comes to mind when I considered a shuttle bus from the city to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Or really, any other destinations in Jakarta.

Since it's definitely not the market leader for the shuttle service from Bandung to Jakarta. Especially compared to big names like Xtrans or Jackal Holidays, I decided to see whether their service is worth trying since the price is lower than its competitors.

As I arrived at the pool in Pasteur, I found out that while Bhinneka may not be the first choice for shuttle service from Bandung to Jakarta, it seems like a well-known option for shuttle service from Bandung to any other cities in West Java such as Bekasi, Karawang, and even Indramayu.

Business-wise, they actually have a legit business despite not having Jakarta as their first priority in terms of destination for their shuttle service.

The Procedure & Health Protocols

Since Traveloka gave me a warning that an antigen test might be required for the trip with Bhinneka shuttle, I got it tested before the D-day, although even the staff on the register didn't even ask me.

But then again, just a couple of days before my departure, I suddenly got cold-like symptoms because of the horrible weather in Bandung lately so I just had to get tested for peace of mind.

Speaking of health protocols, when I went to Jakarta airport by Bhinneka shuttle, there were only three other passengers and me. The three of them were traveling as a group, but since the shuttle bus was almost empty, we could remain to do the physical distancing.

The Service

Anyway, apart from the ticket, the price of IDR 165,000 also includes a complimentary bottle of mineral water. So it's all good, really! 🙂

The driver and the porter helped me tremendously, despite the fact that I traveled with such a big luggage. The staff was friendly and definitely helpful. Even when the bus didn't arrive yet, the porter asked to check which destination I was to notify me as soon as the bus arrived.

He told me that the bus originally came from their pool in Dipatiukur at 11 AM sharp, so the departure from Pasteur was actually scheduled from 11.15 AM. And they actually arrived and departed on time!

Before we were heading to Jakarta, the driver confirmed to each passenger which terminal we were going to so he could drop us off in the correct spot. Since I already called my hotel, I told him to drop me off at Terminal 3 since the hotel staff would pick me up there.

The other three passengers were traveling via Terminal 2F, and as a result, I was the first one to get dropped off at the terminal.

Final Verdict: Bhinneka Shuttle Service

So far, I'm quite satisfied with Bhinneka Shuttle Service as it offers a budget-friendly service to Jakarta airport from Bandung. They checked all my requirements when it comes to a shuttle service, from comfort to being on time.


  • The price is less expensive than other more popular shuttle services to the airport like Primajasa and Cititrans. 
  • The booking process was quite straightforward through Traveloka
  • You could choose cashless payment via Traveloka as well. 
  • Their staff were friendly and super helpful! 
  • Even if you came early, the waiting area is quite spacious and there are some warungs as well as coffee shop and bakery at their pool in Pasteur. 
  • They're on time! This is particularly important if you try to catch the flight on the same day.


  • Almost none, except that I don't know whether they limit the number of passengers during this pandemic. I thought I was quite lucky that my bus was almost empty when I used their service. 

Since I didn't catch the flight right away, thankfully I didn't have to deal with the nerves of having to face the possibility of missing my flight.

However, if you try to book a shuttle bus from Bandung to Soekarno-Hatta airport on the same day as your flight, it is always recommended to book your shuttle bus max. 8 hours before your departure.

I know, it's a long time! But you better be safe than sorry because you'll never know how bad the traffic in Jakarta could be!

So, have you used a shuttle service out of Jakarta to Soekarno-Hatta airport? How was your experience? Share in the comment below, and cheerio! 😉

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