Three Outfit Ideas for Your Creative Proposal

Deciding on what to wear for the proposal of your dreams can be a daunting task. If you’re keeping the details of the day a surprise, chances are that your partner won’t know they’re picking out their engagement outfit at the time.

This means that the responsibility lies solely with you to subtly steer their outfit choice towards the day you have planned. Perhaps an equally daunting prospect for your partner.

The best place to start is by first deciding how you are planning to propose, and pick out a suitable outfit accordingly.

Whether your master plan incorporates a favorite shared hobby, or is chosen with a meaningful location in mind, allow your plans to dictate your sartorial choices. Here are three outfit ideas to help inspire your creative proposal.

Say yes with a fancy dress!

When we say fancy dress, we aren’t talking about your typical clichéd outfits – leave the generic cheerleader and cowboy costumes at home.

Use this outfit choice as a chance to show off how much you know and care about your partner. Perhaps they have a love of Disney movies, and have always dreamed of a princess-themed proposal, in which case you can plan a Disney party for two. Whilst this attire might not be appropriate for a booking at a Michelin-starred restaurant, it might be perfect for a quiet night in and a more intimate proposal.

Maybe they're a huge fan of Taylor Swift and dream of recreating their own version of the “Love Story” music video. Whatever the reason, make sure you're both dressed up for this life-changing event. Medieval or Renaissance clothing fits the Romeo and Juliet (with a happy ending) theme perfectly. 

Not sure what to get? You can get inspiration from Lady Guinevere or the Disney Princesses for your soon-to-be-bride and a knight and shining armor look for you. You can also step up your game by decorating the venue like a Renaissance castle and complementing your costumes with realistic accessories!

Movie marathons, game nights or a private dinner party can all create special moments together, and presenting your hand-picked diamond ring at the end of the night will be the icing on the cake.

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Go all out with your outfit!

What better excuse is there to dust off your Sunday best and go all out with the outfits? Whether you’re planning a grand night out or a more private affair, ask your partner to pick out that dress or jacket they’ve been saving for a special occasion and paint the town (or living room) red.

If you’re concerned about raising suspicion, you have free rein here to get a little creative with the truth.

Convince them there is a black-tie work event, or you’ve booked a restaurant with a very strict dress code to mark a different special occasion. Not only will dressing up make the moment feel extra special when she says yes and wears that elegant vintage engagement ring, it will also give you the opportunity to capture super glamorous proposal photos which you can cherish forever.

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Proposing while hiking

If proposing in your smartest attire is too clichéd for your liking, why not keep things casual with a hiking proposal? Ensuring both you and your partner feel comfortable on the day should be your number one priority, so if you’d prefer to dress down in some everyday sporty gear, you might find this really takes the pressure off.

Donning your best hiking gear also gives you scope to find a magical proposal location.

Maybe you could hike to a local viewpoint or a place that’s meaningful to you both. Not only will this dress code make it easier for you to keep the surprise, it can also give you the chance to show off your personality and make the moment even more personal to you.

outfit ideas for creative proposal

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