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As visiting all 10 ASEAN country members by the time I hit 30 is on my to-do-list, in the past few years I genuinely take the advantage of low-cost carrier in the South East Asia to achieve my traveling goal.

I mean, I’m at that point where it gets somehow dilemmatic as using low-cost carrier means that I have to spend some time for transit in either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, but then using a full-service airline to fly within ASEAN could be really expensive. But well.

Given the fact that I’m in the love-and-hate relationship with Singapore, I honestly prefer to spend my transit time in Kuala Lumpur as the price there is relatively standard as per Indonesian pocket. It isn’t solely because I used to work for AirAsia that makes me choose AirAsia over any other LCC in South East Asia. *I no longer get paid for writing this, I swear!*

I usually don’t mind sleep in the airport for the sake of not spending my budget on airport hotel, but the last time I flew to Hong Kong through Kuala Lumpur, I decided to give it a try to staying in an airport hotel.

Privacy is actually something that I really look for in an accommodation, and for exactly the same reason I usually avoid staying in a hostel or anything that provides shared-bedroom (or bathroom).

But as I have around 9 hours for transit the last time, I could really use it to take a proper rest in a bed instead of sleeping in the airport so then I decided to look for an airport hotel that I could stay in. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at around 10PM while I had to catch another flight to Hong Kong at 6AM in the morning, so then I decided to choose the airport hotel with the lowest rate possible, and I found this Capsule by Container Hotel in KLIA2.

I’ve booked the hotel through Traveloka, and it was really convenient since the flight was a fly-through to Hong Kong, so I didn’t have to check out my luggage. So for this, I only took my amenities and clothes for the next flight and off I went to Capsule.

The concept of this hotel is quite convenient for someone whose travel style is to prioritize privacy over everything. With the concept of container hotel, they provide a minimalist capsule for each of their guests, although they also provide a double room as well.

Each container is more than enough for a 9-hour transit, at least for me. Mirror and electrical socket provided in the container, so for someone who needs ‘alone make-up time’ like I am, the container kind of exceeds my expectation.

When checking in, we would be given a bag with a towel, amenities (small toothpaste and toothbrush) and complimentary water that is so fancy that somehow it brought me back to Bruce Lee and some memories.

I mean, the last time I spoke to my ex-boyfriend a couple of years ago, and he was like, “Be water, my friend!” and I clapped back by telling him that I was more like a fire, and he was the one who had to stop me.

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  • Not only the container itself that makes it so convenient to stay in, but also the location is not so bad as it is close to a convenience store for a craving attack in the middle of the night. 
  • The staff was so friendly too that upon checking in, the receptionist who handled me was literally smiling all the time only for me to find out that we have actually shared the same birthday after he checked out my passport! 
  • All amenities provided, as they provide toothbrush and towel in the bag while soap and shampoo are also available in each bathroom. 
  • Yup, there is also a hairdryer in the bathroom!
  • A phone is also provided in each container, through which we could set up the wake-up call if needed. 
  • For single containers, they are divided into men/women container, so it is more convenient for me personally. 


  • I suppose the phone ring’s volume was sucky, because I set up my wake-up call but it couldn’t work properly. And I’m a light sleeper! 
  • For those light sleepers, this hotel could be rather noisy.
  • I had no idea how their shower worked out. It seems like there’s only 2 options for the shower, and it was either too hot or too cold. 

Compared with other airport hotels around KLIA2, Capsule by Container Hotel has the lowest rate with only MYR 100 per night. I’ve booked and paid through Traveloka, although upon check-in the receptionist still asked for a deposit of MYR 200 that would be returned once you check-out.

When I went there, I only have enough MYR for me to survive the night, so I gave them USD 50 for the deposit. It was rather too big, but they accepted it anyway. After all, they would return it anyway.

It was my first time to enjoy an airport hotel, and it was great!

I suppose now that I’ve stayed there, for my next travel that requires a transit in KLIA2, this is going to my option.

What is the best airport hotel that you’ve ever stayed in? Share your experience below, and cheerio! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Review: Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2”

  1. Interesting concept! I had not heard about it. I’ll give it a try if I come across one. It’s probably more restful than the lounge seats. I can use my phone for alarm.

    1. it’s ideal if you’ve got a short layover and you’re not planning to go out of the airport. i’m sure you can find some capsule hotel elsewhere, but this one was suitable when i had a connecting flight in 10 hours and wanted to have some decent rest. 🙂

  2. We recently had an overnighter in KLIA and chose to sleep in the airport as we had quite an early flight. I wish we had known about this place! Sounds like a very innovative concept, and I can see it being successful given how many travellers pass through the airport.

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