Things To Do in Florida for Nature Lovers

Literally meaning the ‘Land of Flowers’, Florida is the utmost popular destination when it comes to beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Almost half of the best tropical places in the USA are situated in this state. From spending the whole day at Walt Disney World in Orlando to hiking in Everglades National Park, there are many things you can do in Florida!

From chains of barrier islands to bays and lakes, one can expect to get completely lost in the dreamy waters, picturesque natural springs and elite wildlife that Florida has to offer. This Sunshine state, as it is most commonly known, boasts of miles of white sand beaches just like in Sunny Isles Beach. Some others that house ancient forts and fortresses which are a manifestation of intricate and beautiful architecture.

One can either drool over the beauties in the botanical gardens or get completely drowned in the sunny shores away from the hustle bustle of city life. Kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and everglading are the most sought after activities by tourists who want to submerge themselves in the laps of Mother Nature.

One would not want to miss the chance of building castles out of white sand, adjacent to the clear waters when they are with friends or family.

Things To Do in Florida for Nature Lovers - The BeauTraveler

The mesmerizing ocean view, fishing and bird watching are some of the quieter activities one might wish to indulge in.

A silent afternoon spent boating or loitering in the suburbs or the museums would be something the tourist would never regret as he or she gets to witness the lovely Cuban and Latin culture abounding in the islands. Basking in the sunshine, playing sports on the beach or lying in your hammock amongst palm trees, you will carry the memories of the times you spend there, lifelong. Make sure to book a villa with a pool to enjoy some fun in the sun.

So, let us take you through a tour to some of the most amazing places to visit while in the sunshine state.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Apart from being a natural treasure, these islands are both inexpensive and peaceful. The dunes and beaches speak of solitude for those who want to quiet their minds for a while.

Although fishing and biking are allowed on the beaches, the activities vary as per the season. In fall, one can spot the splendid orange and black monarch butterflies which take a halt here while migrating from Mexico.

If one is lucky, they might also catch a sight of the dolphins. The breeze seems to play with the sea oats while the roads are lined with goldenrods and coreopsis. The area is also known to be home to sandpipers, gulls, warblers and pelicans.

Source: Pxhere.

Miami Beach

As good as it sounds, it will be far more beautiful and exciting when you see it.

The beach is famous for its artistically rich architecture, its fine dining, the glittering and never dying nightlife and of course its spas. The queer buildings, boutiques, throwback hotels and cafes are a sight to behold.

Taking a stroll on the sparkling white crystals of sand, collecting shells, fishing, playing golf or tennis are the most common sights one would catch while on the beach.

Jacksonville’s Central Park

More technically known as the Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, this park boasts of 46,000 acres full of creeks, rivers, marshes, wetlands and islands.

This is the place where the waters meet and the rocks touch the sky. Everything lying amidst them is a mystery to unfold. The parks have been protecting the ocean and maritime heritage over there since 1916.

They are home to the most beautiful coral reefs, kelp forests, beaches, tidewater glaciers, estuaries, sand dunes, islands, plantations and forts.

Source: Pxhere.

Safari Tour

The temperate climate of the state allows a variety of wildlife to flourish and thrive throughout the year, which makes the Safari one of the best things to do in Florida.

One can ride through miles and miles simultaneously catching glimpses of the freely roaming animals. A gorilla, lion or ostrich might just casually walk up to the visitor’s car without any fear, much to the delight of both kids and adults.

Kayaking in Orlando

The rivers and lakes of Florida abound with manatees or sea cows which are large and lethargic herbivorous animals. Swimming in the Crystal River or kayaking through it can give one an adventurous experience as these huge creatures come close and usher in a thrill through the visitors’ spines.

Naples Botanical Garden

This 170-acre world-class paradise houses myriads of plant varieties further classified into sub-gardens as per their features. While some are leafy and inconspicuous, others flaunt their beauty through colors and fragrances. One can stay embowered in these natural wonders as long as you want to. As if it wasn't enough, there are many great resorts in Naples that you can opt for your accommodation.

Balloon Ride

Admired the beauty of the waters and the land enough? Time to soar high in the sky and see the unseen through the fascinating balloon rides of Orlando.

The lush canopies beneath seem like a carpet on which you are sailing and the nearby balloons give an illusion of small dots painted in the sky everywhere. The fresh air and the golden sunset view are something you would wish to last forever.

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