What You Could Get in Ottawa for $10

What You Could Get in Ottawa for $10 – How to Spend Your Dollar in the Capital City of Canada

Like most capital cities in some other countries, Ottawa might be less popular than more well-known places in Canada like Toronto or Vancouver. However, apart from some fun facts about Ottawa that make it an interesting place to visit, there are also so many things you can do in Ottawa. And today, we're going to see how far you get around the capital city with your $10!

Thanks to John of Your Destination is Everywhere, we will find out why Ottawa is worth visiting and how you can explore the city on a budget. 

So, what could you get in Ottawa for $10?

7 Must-Visit Places to Visit in Ottawa on the Budget

$10 USD is approximately $13 Canadian dollars.

Although it is too often overshadowed by places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and the Rocky Mountains, Ottawa is still a superb destination. It is, after all, the capital city of Canada.

So, what can you do in Ottawa with only $13 CAD? Lucky for you, many of the best attractions here are actually free.

Did you know?

Ottawa is the seventh coldest capital city in the world after Ulaan-Baatar in Mongolia, Astana in Kazakhstan, Moscow in Russia, Helsinki in Finland, Reykjavik in Iceland, and Tallin in Estonia.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

Parliament Hill

If you're in Ottawa, you definitely have to make Parliament Hill your first stop.

This iconic Gothic Revival-style building has been the home of Canada's parliament since 1867. Most people opt to walk around and admire it from the outside, but you can take a free guided tour of the building itself. If you are lucky, you might even get to attend one of the debates that are in session.

Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada is one of Ottawa's hidden gems. Although it is pretty well-known with the locals, most visitors just pass right by. This building is quite significant, being the highest court in the country.

Similar to Parliament Hill, there is a free guided tour you can take. You will be taken through a gallery of all the current/past judges and the beautiful main chamber. You'll learn about how Canadian laws are interpreted too!

Ottawa sign in Ottawa, Canada.
Ottawa sign in Ottawa, Canada.


The OTTAWA sign is a relatively new attraction, but it's a must-visit. It is not uncommon to find a line of people waiting for their turn to get a selfie with the sign.

In addition to being lit up at night, the sign is a short walk from Ottawa's downtown core, as well as many of the city's best restaurants and bars.

National War Memorial

This 16 m high memorial monument is dedicated to all the Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for this country's freedom. It is located right in the heart of Ottawa's downtown so it's quite hard to miss.

Maman sculpture with Notre Dame Cathedral in the background.
Maman sculpture in Ottawa with Notre Dame Cathedral in the background.

Rideau Canal

This historic canal has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although it stretches for hundreds of km, you can easily explore the section close to Ottawa's downtown. There are various paved pathways that can be used for both walking and biking (rental is available at $9 per hour).

Notre Dame Cathedral

Here's another National Historic Site for you. Notre Dame Cathedral is a magnificent architectural work. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the cathedral is completed with twin spires, intricate archways, and stained glass window. Even if you are not Catholic or Christian, it is still a great place to escape the crowds, take a break, and enjoy some quiet time by yourself.

Maman sculpture

Conveniently located in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, this unusual spider sculpture is a very popular spot for visitors to take photos. Standing at over 9 m high, “Maman” is currently the world's largest spider sculpture.

Contributor: John Vo from Your Destination is Everywhere.

John Vo is a college student from Canada who has a passion for traveling. He has traveled throughout much of Canada and is sharing his best travel tips on his blog.

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