What You Could Get in Yerevan for $10 – Having Fun on the Budget in the Capital City of Armenia

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Do you recall that earlier this year, I compiled a collab post on recommended places to visit in 2020? Well, in case you don't remember, Armenia is on the list of places to visit in October. And God knows how long it's gonna take until this self-quarantine is over, but I hope we will be able to travel again some time around October. Even better if we could do it even earlier than that.

And this week, as I'm still hoping that this will be over… I'll still keep updating you with the $10 series. And this time, we have Megan from Absolute Armenia to talk about how far you could get in the capital city: Yerevan!

Yerevan, Armenia.

Let's Have Fun in Yerevan!

There are many affordable cities to visit but one of the best value cities on this planet is Yerevan, Armenia.

In Yerevan and the rest of Armenia, $1 USD is currently equivalent to around 500 Armenian Drams (AMD). There are several things you can do and places you can visit in Yerevan that will help you enjoy the capital city on a shoestring budget.

Travelers can find budget accommodation in Yerevan for around $3 USD a night at its lowest. You will enjoy a city center hostel dorm bed for the price, but it will help you maintain your Caucasus budget without a lot of hassle. Outside of a hotel or hostel in Yerevan cost, you can still get huge value in Armenia's capital.

For $10, or about 5000 AMD, the following things to do in Yerevan and its surrounding area are feasible with the allotted budget.

Taste the Culture through Armenian Food

Food is an important part of Armenian culture and there are several options of places to eat in the city for a cheap price.

You can have your lunch at a more affordable place, like a cafeteria or somewhere that prepares ‘fast' Armenian food. Lahmajo is a popular and extremely cheap Armenian lunch food and you can get an entire lahmajo in several places across the city for around 500 AMD (about $1 USD).

If lahmajo is not your thing, you can opt for shwarma (little less than $2 USD for a medium) at Tumanyan Shaurma or you can head to any of the restaurants in the city and get a summer salad for anywhere from $1-2.

Armenian delicacy.

Summer salads have tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and herbs and are extremely delicious, especially during the spring and summer months.

For dinner, you can head to Lavash or Sherep Restaurant and get an affordable soup and bread. One of my favorite soups is aveluk soup, the perfect dish for vegans and vegetarians as it is made from local sorrel.

This will cost $2 or less. Both aforementioned restaurants have homemade bread that you can pair with it. They make the bread in-house in an open kitchen so you can watch the process that dates back to ancient times in Armenia.

Getting Around Yerevan

Getting around Yerevan is extremely cheap, as well.

You can take the metro throughout the city for about $0.20 or you can even get a taxi from one end of the city to another for $1 USD. Fortunately, walking in the city is the easiest and best option as the city is small and manageable on foot.

Finally, if hanging out in the city is not your thing, there are heaps of amazing day trips from Yerevan that will keep you occupied- and all for an affordable price.

Garni Temple and Village, Armenia.

You can head to the Temple of Garni and Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for super affordable prices. You can also take public transportation to and from Dilijan National Park and relax in nature for the day for just a few dollars.

Yerevan is a very easy city to enjoy on a shoestring budget of $10 or less.

Contributor: Megan Starr from Absolute Armenia

Megan is a travel blogger and digital marketer that runs Absolute Armenia, as well as Megan & Aram with her best friend. Aram Vardanyan. She hails from Richmond, Virginia but spends her time based between Yerevan, Armenia and Frankfurt, Germany. She is passionate about dogs, coffee, and delicious food. 

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