What You Could Get in Morelia for $10

What You Could Get in Morelia for $10 – How to Explore the Most Spanish City in Mexico

When talking about traveling in Mexico, destinations like Mexico City or Playa del Carmen might be more popular to explore. But guess what? There are so many places around Mexico that are also worth visiting, and Morelia in Michoacan is no exception.

Michelle of Silvas Travel Tribe is going to share with us how you could explore Morelia on the budget on this week’s $10 series.

Dubbed as the most Spanish city in Mexico, what does Morelia have to offer?!

Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Morelia Michoacan, Mexico

Look no further than Morelia Michoacan, Mexico for an affordable place to vacation. The colonial historic district can provide hours of exploration. With numerous opportunities to discover free architectural treasures and enjoy amazing food, your $10 dollars, or just over 199 Mexican pesos, will get you far.

Morelia, Michoacan in Mexico.

Did you know?

Michoacan borders the states of Jalisco, Colima, Guanajuato, Quretaro, Mexico, and Guerrero. The capital city of Michoacan, Morelia, is known for its colonial architecture.

Get in Touch with Morelia’s Historical Building.

Start by visiting Morelia’s historic center, grounded by the stately Morelia Cathedral. Built in the 1600s, the Baroque cathedral’s pink limestone towers dominate the skyline. Step inside to appreciate the silver baptismal font, used to baptize Mexico’s first emperor.

Be sure to see the 4,600 pipe organ, a gift from Germany in 1905. The bell towers stand watch Saturday nights over a free sound and light show with fireworks. On Sunday the main street closes to traffic and bicycles can be rented for 10 pesos. Take the opportunity to enjoy the colonial architecture of the Palace of Government directly across from the cathedral as you ride by.

Immerse the Vibes around Plaza de Armas

Cross the Plaza de Armas to enjoy the café culture surrounding the square. Grab a sidewalk table at Panoli for a coffee and pastry for less than 80 pesos. Enjoy the view of the manicured trees surrounding the plaza, listen to live musicians and people watch.

Continue down the main avenue to the Nacional College of San Nicolas. Dating to 1570 the college hosts a free public access library. Established in the 1500s these multistoried book stacks provide a window into history stored in those richly stained wooden cases.

At the end of this block is the Mercado de Dulces. Here you can enjoy free samples of local sweets. Choose your favorite and buy a small package for as little as 5 pesos. Turning left onto Andres Quintana Roo traveling just two blocks gets you to Gaspachos El Guero de la Merced. Some say you haven’t really visited Morelia until you’ve had a gazpacho. This fresh fruit dish can be customized to your liking and fills a cup that is big enough for two for 60 pesos or less.

Stop by Museo Casa Natal de Morelos.

Continue your walk to Museo Casa Natal de Morelos. This free museum pays tribute to Jose Maria Morelos who the city is named after. Or head toward the romantic setting of the Garden of Roses. This public square is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the architecture of the Conservatorio de las Rosas. Designed as a convent in 1595, the building now hosts one of the world’s oldest music conservatories.

Finally take a sunset stroll to the Calzada Fray Antonio. This tree lined avenue stretches the length of the downtown area ending at the beautiful fountain depicting three indigenous princesses, Fuente de las Tarascas, and a stretch of the city’s original aqueduct built in the 1500s.

Contributor: Michelle from Silvas Travel Tribe.

Silvas Travel Tribe are a multicultural family supporting others in having culturally conscious adventures through their blog.

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