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If you had to associate the word Angeles with a city, what would be the first thing that comes in mind?!

You’re not alone if you’ll come with Los Angeles, because that’s gonna be my initial answer too. That, until I got connected to Ruben and Rachel from Gamintraveler for this week’s $10 series. Ruben contacted me to cover Angeles City, and I literally had to google it first, because I don’t know much about the Philippines.

I mean, I’ve only been to the Philippines once, and it was only to Manila.

It’s always exciting to learn a new thing, and from that I found out some fun facts about Angeles City in the Philippines that makes it quite interesting to visit. Not only that is the home of the former Clark Air Base, which was then the largest US military facility outside the US), it was also affected by the fallout caused by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.

This leads to another interesting thing, because with the presence of the US military base in the city, it also triggered the prostitution industry in the highly urbanized city in the region of Central Luzon. Given the idea, the city is dubbed as the “Sin City”.

But if you’re not interested in exploring that area, worry not… Because now we’re gonna talk about what else you can do with your $10 in the city!

What You Could Get in Angeles City for $10 - The BeauTraveler

A Great Place for Those Into History and Culinary!

Thinking about it, one would assume that $10 is too low a budget to explore a thriving, multi-cultural area like Angeles City in Pampanga. This post aims to teach you just what to do with your Hamilton and how much it is actually worth in the Philippines. 

Try the world-famous sisig at Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

The official home of the best sisig in the land, Mila’s is one of Pampanga’s culinary treasures.

Sisig is a dish made with pig parts that are pretty challenging to cook with: cheek, ears, liver and sometimes even the brain.

Inventive as they are, Filipinos came up with this unique dish that the late and great Anthony Bourdain believed will “win the hearts and minds of the world.” A plate of sisig at Mila’s only costs $3.75 USD (around 200 PHP)!

Susie’s Cuisine at Angeles City.

Eat your heart out at Susie’s Cuisine

Looking for the best merienda (or mid-day snack) place in the city?

Susie’s Cuisine has long been the go-to restaurant for local delicacies such as palabok and halo-halo, both of which are only $1.50 USD (around 80 PHP) for each!

The joint also offers rice meals, coffee and many other specialty kakanin that all locals love.

Try the local street food

While dining in restaurants is great, nothing beats eating the country’s local street food.

It offers visitors a unique perspective into the everyday lives of the city’s residents and allows tourists to interact more with the locals.

Top street food choices include balut, mani, mini hot dogs, and fish and chicken balls. All this you can buy with less than a dollar!

Street food in Angeles City.

Visit the Pamintuan Mansion

Aside from excellent food, Angeles also prides itself on its rich culture and history. On 2015, the Pamintuan Mansion officially became the Museum of Social Science and History of the Philippines.

The museum is located in the city’s heritage district. It has 9 different galleries that gives you a peek into Filipino life throughout the years. There is no admission fee; donations are highly appreciated.

Pamintuan Mansion.

Enjoy Marquee Mall’s shops, gardens and cinema

A huge part of contemporary Philippine culture includes going to the mall to spend with the family or to just cool off.

At Marquee Mall, a premier shopping center in Pampanga, you can enjoy walking around its air conditioned halls or taking a break at its many gardens. A movie in the mall’s cinema house only costs around $4 USD (around 215 PHP) per person. Very affordable, right?

Contributor: Ruben and Rachel from Gamintraveler

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    1. hahaha. i know, right? i don’t think i will ever dare myself to try balut either, i just feel like i don’t have a heart to eat something in the form of fetus. not even when it’s a bird’s.

      i’ve only been to manila before, but i definitely want to explore more parts of the philippines. it looks closer from here, so maybe next year more of the philippines for me, maybe angeles city to begin with. 😉

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