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A Guide to Taking You Through the Best Luggage Storage and Perfect Things to do in NYC

New York is a place so huge and so diverse that you can spend four lifetimes here and not experience all the beautiful things that the city has to offer. It’s a daunting task even to find out where to start your NYC journey.

But we want to help you cut down the list of unbelievably long ways to spend your day. With so many activities around, you can easily pick your favorite activity.

And the best part, you can drop your luggage at any store of Luggage Storage to ensure a free journey without the extra kilos.

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Los Angeles: A Heaven for Scenic Drives

Renowned for its exquisite scenic beauty and Hollywood, Los Angeles (LA) is considered to be one of the popular cities in the USA. Its smooth roads, mesmerizing picturesque, and picture-perfect landscapes have been attracting tourists across the globe for many years.

With rising popularity, experiencing this scenic drive is considered to be an integral part of a tourist’s itinerary in the city. So, if you are a car enthusiast, then you certainly need to explore this delightful experience of driving through exotic mountain ranges with flawless roads.

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Things to Try in London

Recognized for its striking skyline, the capital city of England in London is a popular city with tourists and locals for its variety of events, activities and attractions.

Rich in history and culture, the city is admired by those looking to explore the beautiful architecture and learn more about the exciting stories that make up the city’s past.

One of the easiest ways to experience the bustling capital is to purchase a hop-on hop-off bus ticket that’ll allow you 24 hours ride access on the sightseeing buses.

The buses provide both covered and open-top areas and stop nearby some of the most popular attractions including St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

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Ice Cream Around the World You Should Stop By and Try

Hi everyone! 

Do you know that the 19th of July is actually celebrated as Ice Cream’s Day in the United States, thanks to their 40th president Ronald Reagan?

Well, I wasn’t aware of such a celebration day either until last month when I planned out my content calendar and found out this fun fact. As a result, I decided to invite some fellow bloggers to contribute their piece about their favorite ice cream around the world since my last collab post about instant noodles was quite a success!

It’s summer in most parts of the world, and ice cream always sounds like a great idea under the heat. But then again, who am I kidding? It’s still a good idea to enjoy in the winter too, so why don’t we start talking about ice cream around the world now on Ice Cream’s Day?

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Why Visit Indianapolis?

Flyover states. They’re a real thing.

The title of ‘flyover state’ isn’t something to be proud of, but to some extent, it’s not as if some states can help it – you have to fly over quite a lot of the central states if you wish to get across America in anything resembling good time (and this will remain the case, at least until Elon Musk extends his network of tunnels from Las Vegas to the entire continent).

But this whole flyover state thing got me thinking…

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