The Five Restaurants in Ubud to Try For the Best Dining Experience in Your Life

There is no island in Indonesia that offers leisure experience quite like Bali. Nestled between Java and Lombok, the island has become a tourist mecca for foreigners and locals alike. Though famous for its beaches, there are other areas worth visiting in Bali too, such as Ubud.

According to the history of Bali, Ubud has been the center of spirituality for centuries. Since the movie Eat, Pray, Love was released, people have flocked to Ubud to seek a spiritual journey aside from exploring nature.

Food, on the other hand, has never really been in the conversation when it comes to Ubud, although there is a reason why Ubud was chosen as a home for the annual Food Festival. The reason for this is that the food scene in Ubud is pretty diverse. I can even safely say that it is more diverse than any other part of the island.

In this post, we will dig deeper into some of the best restaurants in Ubud for you to try when visiting this corner of Bali.

5 Best Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

1. Donna

donna restaurant in ubud, bali.

Donna is the epitome of sophisticated Mediterranean meets classic Latin American in a modern setting. By creating dishes that are both familiar and fresh at the same time, Donna delivers an exceptional atmosphere for anyone who walks into its timeless decor, complete with brown leather sofas and natural lights from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

What is Donna good for?

  • Casual dinner with friends, especially if you’re into shisha, as they have premium selections of hookahs and tobacco.
  • Friday nights out as the second floor is open until 2 AM for you to dance the night away.

2. Mozaic

best restaurant in ubud

Talking about Ubud’s food scene without mentioning the legendary Mozaic may as well be considered an offence. Focusing on Asian Gastronomic menus, the dynamic duo of Chef Chris Salans and Chef Blake Thorney have successfully elevated Asian flavours to a new height.

What is Mozaic good for?

  • A romantic dinner to celebrate special occasions as their menus and the experience are certainly perfect for anniversary celebrations.
  • Trying something new, as there aren’t many Asian gastronomic restaurants in Bali, particularly if you’re staying in Ubud.

3. Kebun Bistro

best ubud restaurants in bali, indonesia

Established in 2012, Kebun Bistro is the perfect spot if you want a laid-back ambience with good food. True to its name as a bistro, Kebun Bistro delivers exceptional coffee and delicious patisseries.

Most importantly, many of their décor items are recycled products to raise awareness about sustainability and eco-friendliness in their space.

What is Kebun Bistro good for?

  • A casual meeting point with friends and even potential business partners.
  • If you want to experience a unique ambience in Ubud, different from similar places.

4. Galle Club

best restaurants in ubud, bali.

Restrained, humble, and unassuming are three adjectives that best describe Galle Club in Ubud.

Their building resembles the house of your best friend whose mother always invites you in for a meal. This is exactly what Galle Club is about because finding authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine in Bali is extremely hard. Moreover, discovering one with a homey ambiance like this one is a real bonus.

What is Galle Club is good for?

  • Having home-cooked meals full of warm spices attached to Sri Lankan and Coastal Indian cuisine.
  • A casual dinner between you and your friend while catching up with the latest news.

5. Swept Away

swept away restaurant and bar in ubud, bali.

Can you imagine having dinner next to the iconic Ayung River? If so, Swept Away will blow your mind with its incredible setting and the sound of the river's current in the background.

Swept Away boasts a dramatic setting (in a good way!) and a soothing ambience to enjoy your evening with delicious meals. 

What is Swept Away good for?

  • Newlyweds, as few sites can be more romantic than enjoying food on the side of Ubud’s sacred river.
  • Experiencing impeccable service as Swept Away is part of the Samaya Ubud Resort.


Whatever your preference when it comes to dining, Ubud is certainly not to be overlooked. These are just five of many amazing restaurants in Ubud that I think are worth your money.

Should you need any more restaurant recommendations, I can suggest checking out ONBALI as they have many more detailed articles about places to eat in Bali.


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