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The great thing about HGH is that besides the many advantages it brings to the fitness industry and aiding athletes in their quest to be lean, mean, athletic machines, similar products help kids and adults with growth deficiencies and assist the elderly to increase their vitality and passion for life as it were.

The medical world has certainly evolved dramatically with the ages and thankfully so, we live fuller lives for longer, we can treat ailments or issues with ease, and if we feel the need to improve what others may consider being a great physical appearance there are options readily available.

So how is it in our best interest to get those killer abs, sculpted shoulders, or tiny waist?

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If you are already a committed gym-goer with effective results but just not getting to where you would like to be, then a helping hand in the form of a little injection could be the solution you have been looking for.

Human growth hormone is comprised of proteins, these aid in the building of muscles and repairing the muscles tissues. Athletes who opt to use these find that they have more energy, they have increased endurance to train for longer with the increased muscle size, and have a significant increase in physical strength.

To find out more about this increasingly popular hormone have a look at HGH and the various options available to best suit your needs, the varieties of packaging in which it is available making it more comfortable for nervous users, and the benefits of it in the body.

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5 Features of using human growth hormone

  • Cell regeneration. Because the hormone is produced by the pituitary gland it is essential in cell reproduction and most importantly for growth.  It not only repairs the healthy tissue in organs and the brain but maintains the tissues during the re-building process.
  • Anti-age. Isn’t this just the words we women want to hear? Studies have shown that it slows down the aging process we all dread happening and improves the quality and appearance of your skin, a more youthful and glowing complexion.
  • Metabolism. It speeds up the metabolizing element in the body, aids a quicker injury and training recovery time, and ultimately burns fat which in my book is all a woman can ask for, am I right?
  • Bone density. Stimulating the liver to produce an interpretation of an insulin-protein hormone increases the production of cartilage, thus, in turn, assisting bone growth and increased all-round mass.
  • Endurance. To achieve the look you feel will make you happy, having this hormone lets you train harder and increase your exercise capacity. There is always going to be someone bigger and better but if you can keep up with the Jones’ then hats off to you.

While you may still be hesitant on the subject and keeping one foot out the door before any commitments, take a minute to read this blog and hear what others have to say on using the hormone, its benefits, and their opinions on the topic. And we all know people like to say their piece of mind.

Looking at what happens when there is a deficiency in HGH

If the body has an injury or you have changed something to your lifestyle and routine it becomes evident quite quickly, symptoms arise, problems begin, and soon you are spending your days fighting a battle you didn’t realize you began in the first place.

If, unfortunately, you have sustained an injury or contracted a critical illness and the pituitary gland is damaged this can have detrimental effects on your well-being.

People have stated that the started having panic attacks, moments of high anxiety that they hadn’t experienced before, and these periods ended up with thoughts and feelings of depression.

Add to this the effect of ‘sad eating’ and the next thing you know there is increased body fat in the waist area and your jeans are crying out for help each time you get dressed.

The heart becomes weakened with increased body mass, there is a strain on the aortic muscle, and this is never a good thing, possibilities of heart attacks and strokes are increased and it’s all downhill from there.

It isn’t always as clear as black and white when knowing what all the fuss is about, check out this quick video to learn more about HGH deficiency in the body.

Fatigue is a major factor too, cases have been reported of extreme tiredness, lack of interest in simple day to day tasks and clouded thinking, although this sounds like my kids when I start sorting out the weekly chore list for them and suddenly everyone is incapable.

There are more extreme and severe deficiency symptoms such as Turners syndrome in women, Noonan syndrome, or even Prada-Willi syndrome but those we will discuss on another day in another article.

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HGH versus steroids

There is a continuous debate on which is better to achieve maximum results, while we know all true and well that the use of anabolic steroids do work and muscle mass and weight loss are almost a guarantee, what isn’t as widely spoken about though are the harmful side-effects that go along with this continued use.

HGH on the other hand, while not as extreme in the results department it does increase fat burning, overall weight loss, and all the while being as harmless as a drug can come. Naturally produced by the body as it is, makes this hormone so sought after.

Steroids are chemically and man-made components created to mimic a hormone found in our bodies – testosterone – which is crucial for muscle building and muscle mass, and thus steroids are the more popular option in the competitive world of weight lifting and bodybuilding.

To break it down into simple terms, if you are new to the game and not a competitive athlete my advice and suggestion would be to begin your training with HGH, see the results after 6 months to a year of use and make a decision then, you can always move over to anabolic steroids if you feel the need for more extreme results.

Either way, using a substance should be done safely and under the guidance of professionals in the industry and your medical practitioner.

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