Moving 101: How to Make Stressful Moves Fun!

When we say we're conducting a move, we usually think of everything hassling about it – we think of having to fix paperwork, organize our inventory, do a ton of packing, and even do the actual move itself.

If we imagine all of this happening over the course of a few weeks or months, we might think it's more hassling than necessary.

So when you read this title, you might wonder – can this really be possible with the family? Turns out, it is! 

Moving 101: How to Make Stressful Moves Fun! - The BeauTraveler

How to Have Fun During the Moving Hassles

1. Make a Quick Vacation to Visit Your New Neighborhood!

Who says moving has to be all about visiting your new home for repairs, renovation, and reworking? You and your family can visit your new neighborhood in the form of a quick vacation.

This allows you to sort important paperwork such as utilities and other house fees, at the same time help your family get acquainted with what your new neighborhood has to offer.

You can have a quick staycation with the family and see for yourselves where important institutions (hospitals, police stations, to name a few) are, and where you can hang out and have fun, such as recreational areas.

This also makes it easy for you to find reliable services such as movers in Manhattan NYC as you'll already be in the area.

2. Assign Everyone to a Task They're Strong in.

You cannot really make participating in the move worker dream by assigning everyone to a task they can particularly excel in.

For instance, people in the house that love organizing, arranging, and recording stuff can easily handle your inventory issues. Likewise, the travelers and explorers and your family can actually be in charge of finding external or extra services, and even checking out the current status of your neighborhood.

Doing this makes it much easier on your end to do tasks for the move but at the same time also makes it fun for the family. 

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3. Make Inventory Organization a Breeze with Teamwork

It's commonly said that teamwork can make the dream work – and you can do this with your family with your inventory!

To avoid getting tired of finding where certain things are placed, you can make things easier by organizing your own inventory. Doing this might seem like a hassle, but it can be extra fun if you do it with the whole family.

Assign everyone at home to organize all of their belongings and list down things they want to keep, sell, and throw away. You can also organize a garage sale where you can sell things you don't want to bring to your new home, and the person who first phone that object will be getting the funds from the sale! 

4. Hire a Professional and Help Them with Their Work!

Nothing's more fun than learning something new, and you can do this by having you in the family join professional services you're hiring in doing their work.

For instance, you can help your hired moving and packing service to pack your things and you can even ask them for advice on how to properly pack and arrange your belongings in the future. It's also worth checking out the local moving company like montrealmovers in Montreal, or you can find any other companies in your city.

This not only makes your move a lot easier, it also teaches you and your family extra skills.

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Your Stressful Moves Can Still Be Fun!

With the above points taken into consideration, always remember that any move can be fun with the right perspective, planning, and research!

Don't forget to look into not just the things you need to do for your move, but rather how you can maximize you and your family's skills to get everything you need in check. And always remember – just because you're conducting a move doesn't mean there's no more room to have fun with the family! 

If you have other suggestions and tips to make your move extra fun, don't forget to share them in the comments!

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