Eduplex: Coworking Space Open for 24 Hours in Bandung, Indonesia

Despite claiming that I'm not suitable for a digital nomad lifestyle, I would say remote working is now my jam as I'm more comfortable working from home while wearing my pajamas.

Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from trying a new thing because working remotely gives me a reason to try using some coworking space nearby.

And you know what? Now I've got my favorite place to work in my hometown that is not my house, and it's Eduplex.

Eduplex is a coworking space in Bandung that is open 24/7. Located in the city center of the capital city of West Java in Indonesia, I went to this coworking space multiple times. And since I get used to working late after midnight, sometimes I even finish at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Coworking Space and Why It Works

I'm not exactly new when it comes to working from a coworking space. I've tried some coworking space in Jakarta. Before coworking space got famous a few years ago, I almost got a job as a community manager in one of the rising coworking spaces that are now quite well-known in the capital city.

For someone who works from home most of the time, working elsewhere is sometimes needed to avoid monotonous life.

Coworking space is the answer to that because they offer coziness as most coffee shops, but you don't need to get anxious from only ordering a latte but staying there for hours because of the free wifi.

Eduplex and Other Coworking Spaces in Bandung, Indonesia

It was all started when our electricity got cut off for no other reason than living in a third-world country with the electricity company running a business in a monopoly way. I know I'm complaining as an Indonesian citizen, but then again it will never last… LOL

Imagine, the electricity was off around the business hours during the pandemic.

My sister, who was supposed to work during business hours, got panic. She was forced to find somewhere else to work. She found Eduplex through the internet at the time only to find out that the coworking space is actually open for 24 hours.

Knowing that I usually work from 6 PM local time to after midnight, she thought it would be something I needed to know about.

There are plenty of other options for coworking space in Bandung, but apparently, not many of them open 24 hours. And that's how Eduplex stands out.

Located around Dago in Bandung city center, just walking-distance from ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology), I gotta say it's a smart move from Eduplex to open 24/7.

At least, it was a great strategy before the pandemic since ITB students are known for having activities days and nights.

Apart from Eduplex, there's also some other coworking space like Lo.Ka.Si around the area. Although the latter is only open up to 8 PM as far as I know.

Review: Eduplex Coworking Space in Bandung, Indonesia

It wasn't until I decided to ask my sister and friend to join my new business venture Savviesticated when I first came to Eduplex. It is the business that I initially planned out with my ex but failed as I felt like it wasn't a good decision to run either a business or a relationship with him. LOL.

After a few online meetings through Zoom, we decided to actually start working and planning. And that's when the idea of going to Eduplex came up again.

Since the location is quite strategic and relatively affordable, we agreed to have an initial meeting there.

First Impression

None of us are early birds, because the three of us are night owls, to say the least. So, when we decided to have an initial meeting in person, the soonest we could afford to meet was at 4 PM.

The only good thing is that Eduplex is open for 24 hours. However, please note that the front desk is only available up to 6 PM.

As the three of us met up at the mall first to grab some evening snacks, we contacted Eduplex via Whatsapp. Then we told them that we're planning to purchase the walk-in package for 6 hours later, and guess what happened next? We got a discount as we went there on Saturday night!

The regular fee for a 6-hour walk-in guest is IDR 80,000 (around $5.3 USD), but they only charged us IDR 50,000 (around $3.4 USD) as they gave us the student fee for that one. We eventually pay the regular price on our next visit, though.

If you're planning to go to Eduplex when the front desk is closed, you can just reach out via Whatsapp and make the payment via bank transfer. They will prepare everything for you if that's the case. When we arrived at the venue, the security had already been informed and prepared the access card for us.

The Coworking Space

Eduplex coworking space is located on the second floor of the building.

The first floor belongs to the cafeteria, which is only open up to 6 PM since the lockdown. The front desk for the coworking space is the same as the counter at the cafe, that's why the restaurant closes down the same time as the front desk for the coworking space.

There's also the third floor where the meeting room is located. For now, we never got to see the third floor, but there's also a meeting room that we could take a peek when we were on the second floor.

They offer the meeting package starting from IDR 250,000 (around $16.8 USD) for 3 hours.

Overall, I've had a pleasant experience working from Eduplex. Their internet connection is on point, and I love how they are open 24/7 so that I can always have an option to work from there anytime I feel like working away from home.

Even better, because they also provide a free flow drink and hot beverages like the regular office. There's a water dispenser at the pantry where you can get both hot and cold water. They also provide some coffee and tea too if you need some to boost your mood and energy.

Now with all coronavirus going on, they follow the suggested health protocol to provide hand sanitizers in every corner of the building.

My Verdict of Eduplex Coworking Space

I would say Eduplex is quite nice given the idea it's the only coworking space that I've visited in Bandung. It has almost everything we need when we work. Cozy place, strong internet connection, and applying the suggested health protocol… What more do we need, right?

I don't know what about the other days, but I always go to Eduplex on Saturday night, and that's when we have all the coworking space for ourselves!

Our initial meeting, we set up some proposal for the potential clients and we ended the day by watching the Community Shield!

It feels almost like home, except you kinda dress nice and there's no bed when you feel like to lie down. LOL.

If you work from there during business hours, you also have a lot of options for coffee and eateries since they're located in Dago, the heart of my hometown in Bandung.

Even when it's late, remember they're just a walking distance to ITB campus. It means you can easily go to Gelap Nyawang, the eateries well-known for probably all the Bandung students for its super cheap and varieties of food.

The only downside is that I find the fee is quite expensive, given the idea IDR 80,000 is only for 6 hours. I've been to CoHive in the Central Jakarta, and they only charge IDR 50,000 for 8 hours.

Well, Bandung is supposed to have a lower living cost, but then again since Eduplex is open 24/7, I think they also have a higher cost to run their business.

Final Review: Eduplex Coworking Space

Now that we know we've had a pleasant experience working from Eduplex, so what's our final verdict for Eduplex? Here's the summary in case you're too lazy to read the whole stuff above!


  • The strategic location. I find it super smart to choose the area, especially if we talk about before Covid-19 situation. Not only is it just walking distance from ITB campus, it's also situated across 2 (two) high school campuses: SMAN 1 and SMAK Dago. 
  • Strong internet connection. I mean, I could stream a football match with no problem so I suppose I have nothing to complain about!
  • They offer a complete package from just a walk-in package for coworking space to even company registration and virtual office. 
  • It's open 24/7. Just make sure to contact their Whatsapp number if you will arrive at the venue after 6 PM. 
  • They provide free-flow for water and hot beverage. 
  • A student discount is available, as long as you can prove it by showing your student card. 


  • Given the idea it's in Bandung, I honestly find the fee a bit pricey than I expected. But given the idea the coworking space is open for 24 hours, it's understandable. 
  • I tried some food at their cafeteria, and I would say I'm not a big fan. It's pricey and not that tasty. 
  • There's a BLUEmart vending machine around the cafe area, but the beverage isn't cold, so I find it a bit downside. #hardtoplease

If you're a digital nomad spending some time in Bandung, or if you live in Bandung and you try to find a different view for a workplace, I'd strongly recommend it!

In addition to that, you can also book their meeting room to host an event there. Sure it might not be reasonable to do it now with all the pandemic, but one day when it's all over, maybe Eduplex could host your event!

So, do you have any favorite coworking space that you've been? Where is it? Share your experience below, and cheerio! 🙂

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