The Diary of a Quarantine Queen: My Daily Activity as a Lazy Yet Productive Lady During the Pandemic

Before you read further, just know that this is not the right post if you’re looking for a recipe. In fact, I got an idea to write this post because I figure there must be someone somewhere who’s pretty much like me during this quarantine period. A person with no talent for cooking or baking who isn’t yet interested in Tiktok either.

But heyyyy, just because I never post what I make in the kitchen or show off my dancing talent through my social media, it doesn’t mean that I’m not productive. If anything, I just told my mom that instead of making a baking content to share on Instagram, I’d rather work so that I can order delicious food online.

If there’s one thing I am thankful for this quarantine, I think it’s my situation. I know some people who got laid off during this difficult period, and I’m glad that I’m currently in the position where I can share a little piece of my fortune to those in need these days.

Anyway, in this post I actually want to share my day-to-day life as a lazy person. I can’t for the love of me remember when was the last time I did my exercise, I even told my cousin and my brother that with my lifestyle, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I’d die from a heart attack.

But if that’s what happens, just know that I don’t regret it because I’m living a happy, productive life.

Work From Home at a Glance

So I’m thinking to share with you my daily activity since I’ve been working from home for a few years now. While I know some of you probably got stressed because of the isolation, that isn’t the case for me. My life now is just a series of being lazy, working, playing with my cats, and self-care sometimes.

I feel like my life is perfect now. And I’m thankful for that. It’s like, even if one day I get a chance to meet the love of my life and we decide to have a kid or something, I don’t even have to worry about losing my income as a stay-at-home mom because I’ve already got a job that I could do from home.

As for now during the Coronavirus situation, I’m glad that I still have my job despite this difficult period. I’m glad that I could spare a few bucks every week for a charity because I know there’s people out there who struggle with money and life in general.

So, what do I do on my daily basis to keep productive even though some of you who know me in person probably know myself and my lazy ass?

My Daily Activity at Home Since I Started Working Remotely

I don’t care if you think I’m a spoiled brat because I am. But I chose to live at my parents’ house and help them as much as I can for so many reasons. First of all, I don’t have to pay the rent because it’s my parents’ house. I could just help them to pay for a thing or two and everyone’s happy.

I mean sure, my mom would prefer me moving out with a husband or something. But for now, she’s really got no choice. LOL.

Anyway, the other thing about living with my parents is that I could live with the luxury that probably most people don’t have. From the area that is big enough and pet-friendly, as well as the bath tube when I feel like pampering myself.

I know, now that I said it out loud, it makes me sound like I’m a braggy bitch but once again, I’m just grateful for everything I have. 🙂

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12 PM to 3 PM – Getting out of bed and starting my day!

I never use my alarm when I’m home. Yep, I live alarm-free except when I travel and live some kind of semi digital nomad life. And yes, my circadian rhythm actually follows the time in Europe instead of my home country in Indonesia.

But this has been my life for a couple of years now and mind you… I’ve always had enough sleep.

I usually wake up at 12 PM and went straight for lunch after feeding my cats because this is the time when my Dad came home from his workshop. That way, we could have lunch together with a little chit-chat after because otherwise, we won’t have enough quality time since he’ll be back in his workshop until later the day.

My mom is the main cook in the house, but we are the family who also loves to eat out. So sometimes we order something for delivery as well, it could be some side dishes when she didn’t prepare anything fancy or simply just iced coffee or Thai tea.

After lunch, sometimes my lazy ass took another siesta because you see I’m a human version of garbage who likes to sleep. LMAO.

When I’m not sleeping, I’m checking out my phone because I have some local clients who send me work through Whatsapp. On some special day when I feel extra productive, I’ll even start turning on my computer to work on my stuff in front of the monitor through Whatsapp web. But it’s really rare to happen.

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3 PM to 5 PM – Shower time in the regular time, adding extra self-care on special days!

If I gotta choose to call myself either high-maintenance or low-maintenance, I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. Except for having a regular schedule for Brazilian wax and eyebrow threading on a monthly basis, I almost do everything from home.

Exfoliating my skin from head to toe, pampering myself through home spa, and even having my own hair spa… I do almost everything at home except when it’s time to cut my hair, in which I usually go to the hair salon with another treatment.

You see, I only take a shower once in a day because when I do it, I do all out. Regularly, it took me an hour to take a shower and all the routine followed by it. But when I’m in the mood to take a bath or exfoliate, I’d say I need at least 2 hours to spoil my lazy ass.

Yeah, because for a bath, I need to use my parents’ bathroom and sometimes I gotta fight my brother to avoid the clashed schedule since we both like to take a shower later than everyone. 😛

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6 PM – Having my first coffee of the day!

Again, as I mentioned previously… You won’t find a section where I do my exercise in this post because I barely do it. If anything, the only exercise I do on a daily basis is to check my cats from time to time. I mean, it kinda helps that they live upstairs so at least I do it while going up and down the stairs.

And yes, after refilling my cats’ bowls after the shower because well, priority, I have my first coffee of the day at 6 PM because that’s how unhealthy my lifestyle is. But then again, my life motto is probably different from yours: I live for a good time. Not a long time. LOL

Anyway, my coffee isn’t anything fancy. In fact, I regularly drink my favorite instant coffee (Indonesian one, not Nescafe!) and turn on my computer if I haven’t to mark the start of my productive day.

I usually have dinner during this period too if it wasn’t for some evening snack I had earlier. When I said snack, it could vary from fried rice to choi pan. I know, I should be ashamed. 😛

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7 PM to 2 AM – Work, work, work!

7 PM is basically the time when my productive activity started. I do everything for work from 7 PM to 2 AM for a lot of reasons. I have some clients overseas, and the most suitable timezone for me to start working is around this time.

Also, even my local client who would send me work non-stop 24/7 usually sends me some materials to be done for the next day during this period. So yes, I dedicate this period for work. And almost always, I have something productive to do for this timeline.

I’ve got several clients that I work with, and my working time is quite flexible except for some virtual meetings that are usually scheduled at least a week in advance.

Currently, apart from this blog as my personal gig, I also help 3 local Indonesian clients for copywriting. In addition to that, I also have a writing client and another for social media management overseas.

One day I could focus on my blog and update a blog post if not schedule one, the other day I could work on my client’s social media graphics. Sometimes I also focus on writing a blog post for my client while still sparing a couple of hours to finish the tasks for my local clients.

That’s my life now, and I can’t be more thankful for the blessing I have now.

Source: Pexels.

2 AM to 4 AM – Free time before I go to sleep!

When I work, I still check my cats from time to time. Sometimes they even accompany me to work and boss me around instead to the point that I have to let them out. LOL.

But once my work time is finished, I’ll refill their bowls a little extra for when I’m sleeping. After everything is settled, I usually do anything that I like to do during this period.

I often use this period to pamper myself again too. This time, I usually do the 10-step Korean skincare routine whatsoever with the sheet mask and all that before I sleep. Sometimes I bingewatch some shows that I follow too. For example, I’m currently rewatching Malcolm in the Middle.

You see, my life is basically a series of self-care routines and I really have nothing to complain about so you shouldn’t either.

Source: Pexels.

4 AM to 12 PM – Sleeping beauty mode: ON

Around 4 AM, I usually get ready to bed. I usually sleep well, I don’t even have time to dream.

I mean I’m a light sleeper so whenever I could feel the motion around me, I usually wake up easily. And my cat Brunei usually has the gut to wake me up as she tries to enter my room through my window.

So when that happens, chances are she just wants to sleep with me and she practically becomes my alarm because when she starts threatening by exploring my room and meowing, that’s usually when I have to get my ass off from bed.

I mean, my cat’s circadian time is pretty much the same as me, so when they start being annoying, more often than not it is actually my regular time to wake up.

See, that’s how I maintain a lazy but productive day on my daily life. If you’re the hater who concerns about my lifestyle, this blog is probably not for you. But if you’re with me, share your thoughts below and cheerio! 😉

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