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5 Reasons to Visit the United States

Over 75 million people visit the United States of America from other countries every year, but have you ever paused to wonder why?

With 50 states and several local territories, the US is one of the most diverse places you could possibly wish to visit anywhere in the world. In fact, there is a pretty solid argument that suggests no country on Earth has as many different cultures and ways of living joined together under one flag.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons you might visit the US.

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What You Could Get in San Diego for $10 – Ten for Taco

Hi everyone! 😀

It’s been a while since the last time we covered a city in the USA on the series. After we covered Washington D.C last year, now let’s go to the west and see what California could offer. And this time, we’re flying to San Diego with the help of Christina from Explore Now or Never who would cover the city for us.

So, how could you spend your $10 USD around the beach in San Diego?! Do you think you could survive within the budget? Let’s check this out!

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12 Couple Travelers Who Spark Joy To Your Traveling Plan With Your Partner

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! 😀

If I usually spent Valentine’s day alone, being single and miserable, then this year it’s different. Well, technically I’m not single but then again I’d still spend my Valentine’s day alone since my boyfriend is in Singapore.

But then again, let me throw some mushy stuff to you in case you feel miserable just because you’re far away from your partner on this Valentine’s day: 14 February doesn’t really matter when you’re with the right partner. Why? Because you don’t need a special day to celebrate love. You could always celebrate love everyday. Or hate, for that matter. 😛

I mean, we agree that as much as you love your partner, there is some stuff about them that makes you want to rip their neck sometimes.

Anyway, since I’ve just jumped into the bandwagon to plan out a vacation with my boyfriend… I’m checking out some other couple travelers to get some inspo about traveling with my partner. And I decided to list the 12 of my favorites on the day of love. Yeay!

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