The Haunting of Pevensey Bay

Holiday rentals in Pevensey Bay caters to the adventurers, the peace seekers and the ghost hunters abroad. Pevensey Bay, a small seaside resort, is a wonderful place to visit.  Home to the Pevensey Castle where much of the Roman stonework still exists today, Pevensey Bay holds much of the antiquity of its past intact.  

The Haunting of Pevensey Bay - The BeauTraveler

The beautiful bay has a beach with pristine unspoiled sands, and is perfect for lazing the day away swimming, lounging in the sun, or participating in water sports such as surfing or boating. Pick up your Xcel Wetsuits if you want to enjoy a bit of watersports. 

Things to Do Around Pevensey Bay

Dating back to William the Conqueror’s 1066 landing and the Battle of Hastings, Pevensey Bay is rich in local history and local holiday rentals in Pevensey Bay are tailored toward every individual’s vacation plans. 

If you arrive with family, there are plenty of properties that are large enough to accommodate a family vacation with all of the amenities. If you are on a romantic getaway for two, there are accommodations to suit the couple seeking private time away and a little rest and relaxation. Holiday rentals are located in convenient settings peppered throughout the countryside and surrounding areas and vary in size and luxury.  

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The Overview of Pevensey Castle

Pevensey Castle is a great place to travel to. It is situated in East Sussex and though there are many interesting facts and history associated with the castle, the real story is the numerous reported hauntings that occur there. The gloomy figure of the castle that is silhouetted against the night sky can assume a sinister nature. 

The castle is managed by the English Heritage group and is about fifty miles from the city of London. The outer walls rise to an ominous thirty feet high and encompass a ten-acre plot of land. The long bloody histories of all the battles and invasions, along with all the horrors that accompany these events in history have left their fingerprints on Pevensey Castle.

Paranormal Activity Around Pevensey Bay

Holiday rentals in Pevensey Bay can be secured near this notorious attraction and the paranormal thrill seeker is sure to see a spirit or two.

‘The Lady in White’ is a ghost that has been reportedly seen in the surrounding meadowland and was witnessed not long ago by a group of a dozen campers who quickly packed up their gear and left. You can find accommodation so that you don’t have to camp out with the ghosts, but can go on a fun jaunt to seek them out.

A pale Lady has been reported to haunt the halls of the castle and some insist it is the ghost of Queen Joan of Navarre, wife of Henry IV, who was reportedly falsely charged with witchcraft. Recent investigations by paranormal scientists have revealed sinister activity in the dungeon of the castle. There are reported hauntings throughout Pevensey Bay as in any place with such a long history might report. Holiday rentals in Pevensey Bay have their own personalities and quirks but are sure to be comfortable and perfect for your time in the village.    

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If you secure holiday rentals in Pevensey Bay that are close to Westham Churchyard, you may be fortunate enough to see ‘The Grey Man of Westham Churchyard.’  He is a harmless ghost but fun to spot nonetheless, and if you are a real thrill seeker, then holiday rentals that are located near the notorious Mint House are sure to give you a good spook.   A lover’s quarrel in 1586 ended with a bloody murder that is the proposed reason for the haunting at the Mint House to this current date.

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