How to Limit the Impact of Modern Conveniences to Appreciate Travel Experiences

There is more in this world than can be seen in a lifetime. 

There are countless natural wonders that can take your breath away. Then there are stunning buildings like York Minster that were built hundreds of years ago in a process that spanned generations of builders working at the peak of their craft. 

Either scenario offers a lifelong memory to be cherished. The spells of both, however, would also be broken by a cell-phone ring.

How to Limit the Impact of Modern Conveniences to Appreciate Travel Experiences - The BeauTraveler

Embrace the cloud

Okay, no one here is trying to encourage people to pick up habits they don’t already have. But let’s not pretend smoking hasn’t been prevalent for centuries now. It's only in recent decades that consideration has been given to how it impacts the experiences of others.

Enter the world of vaping. Of course, vaping brings with its own cult of personality from its more engaged enthusiasts and has health concerns that have not been mined as thoroughly as smoking. But, it does allow people to simulate smoking without creating a stinking haze that hangs in the air and sinks into people’s clothes.

No one wants to feel like they are seeing London from the perspective of an ashtray. So, if you or a loved one has to address their oral fixation, thankfully there are options. For example, shisha kits are available from sites such as

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Put your life in airplane mode

No one is ever far from their technology anymore. Once cell phones became more sophisticated, people have more and more reasons to keep them close at hand. And now, wearable smart technology means you can check your wrist for steps and even text messages.

But what's the point of travel if the person isn't allowed to soak in the sense of place? It's so easy to stay connected to the entire world that it can be insanely difficult to connect with a moment on an emotional level.

Allow yourself to appreciate rare opportunities by putting your tech on airplane mode or shutting it off entirely. Make memories that shape your perception. It can be more valuable than generating content and seeking reaction.

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Sketch the experience

Carrying forward the idea of making memories and shaping perception, find ways to tap into your creativity to embrace the experience. If you have drawing skills, consider sketching what you see rather than pulling out a smartphone. 

Spending your time and experiences through the lens of a screen limits the enjoyment of the holiday, too. Who really needs to see 24 pictures of your uncle trying to surf in Cornwall? These pictures simply take up too much memory in your phone, and not enough in your mind. 

Travel is a rare, special experience for most people. It requires extensive saving and planning. People spend so much time planning how to get there and how to pay for it that they forget to plan for how to appreciate it. 

Don't make that mistake. Give yourself the grace and space to make lasting memories for you and your family for years to come. 

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