What You Could Get in Warsaw for $10 – The Underrated European City For Budget Travel

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So, after covering Krakow recently, I'm so excited to tell you that on this week's $10 we're going to cover another city in Poland. Even better, since I'm going to cover the capital city of the country: Warsaw.

In this occasion, I got connected to Or from My Path In The World who volunteered to contribute to covering the city. So, here we go!

What You Could Get in Warsaw for $10 - The BeauTraveler

$10 for A Day in Warsaw

Warsaw is an incredibly underrated budget-friendly destination. You can visit many sights and attractions for free or a very low admission, take unique free walking tours and enjoy delicious, traditional food at excellent prices. 

The local currency in Poland is Zloty (or PLN) and $10 are worth approximately 37 PLN. With that amount of money in your pocket, you can visit a beautiful garden, eat lunch, and even savor a cup of hot chocolate.

Visiting Botanic Garden

Start with a visit to the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden. For a 12 PLN entrance fee, you can explore this astonishing collection of 5,000 plant species spreading over more than 5 hectares.

Due to so many different types of trees, shrubs, and flowers, the place feels like an interesting mix of garden meets forest.

Although it's closed during winter, from April to October you can easily spend a couple of hours strolling through this magical spot in Warsaw.

University of Warsaw Botanic Garden.

A Great on Budget Lunch at Warsaw's Milk Bars

Now that you're ready for a hearty lunch, head over to one of Warsaw's milk bars. These Polish diners that were founded in the 19th century offering traditional, delicious food at very low prices. 

For about 10 PLN, you can get one main course or a big bowl of soup with 1-2 side dishes. It's most likely one of the cheapest lunches you can eat in Europe, and when the food is that good and comforting, it's more than a great value for money.

Soup at a Polish milk bar.

Read This if You're A Chocoholic!

Warsaw also has something to offer for the chocoholics.

To enjoy one of the best cups of thick, hot chocolate you'll ever have in your life, visit E. Wedel's chocolate lounge at Szpitalna 8 Street.

It offers a broad variety of hot and cold chocolates starting at only 15 PLN per cup. From classic to caramel to out of the box combinations, anyone can find a drink to relish at E. Wedel.

Another thing to love about this lounge is the overall vibe. The place itself is very elegant and beautifully decored, and the atmosphere is truly enticing.

Well, there you have it. One European city that proves you can get quite a lot for only $10. Next time you're planning to go on a city break, you should definitely take Warsaw under consideration.

Contributor: Or from My Path In The World

Or is a twenty-something aspiring travel blogger on a mission to help people make the most of their trips. Since ticking items off the bucket list is just not enough for her, she's always in search of hidden gems and unique experiences in both touristy and non-touristy destinations. Her biggest travel passion is Spain, but she also loves exploring other European destinations and she's eager to visit all continents one day. 

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