What You Could Get in Kaohsiung for $10 – What to Eat and Visit in the Port City of Taiwan

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After covering the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, for the second time a few months ago, it's time to see what's more you could get in the country that gives us Jerry Yan! πŸ˜›

So this week on the $10 series, Daniel of Taiwan Eater will share with us what you could do around the other city there… This time, it's Kaohsiung!

Do you wonder how far you could get $10 in the city? Check this out!

Kaohsiung for a Day on the Budget

When in Taiwan, you should make time to visit Kaohsiung which competes with Taichung as the 2nd biggest city in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung can be easily reached from Taipei via bullet train in just 90 minutes. Since Kaohsiung sees a lot fewer international visitors than Taipei, the city remains incredibly affordable and $10 USD will go a long way.

Did you know?

While Kaohsiung has become a vital international hub in Taiwan, the city also has variety of agricultures that make it the melting pot between both industrial and agricultural resources.

Rent A Scooter

For NT$200 ($6.80 USD), you can rent an electric scooter to take you around town for the entire day!

The scooters have a top speed of 30kph (18mph) so it's pretty much a more comfortable version of an electric bicycle. Included with the rental is a helmet and a very authentic Taiwanese experience of using a scooter to get around town!

If driving a scooter isn't your thing, using the bus, light rail or subway to get around town starts at $0.50 USD (NT$15). Public transportation is really good in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung scooters for rent.

Eat at Dan Dan Hamburger

Dan Dan Hamburger is a fast food chain in Taiwan that is only available in Kaohsiung.

You can get a burger, fries, and a drink for just $3 USD (NT$89). It definitely won't be the best burger you'll ever have, but it's not bad for the price.

Where else can you eat burgers, noodles, and fried chicken all in one location?

Visit to Cijin Beach

Cijin beach is known for its relaxed vibe, surfing and beach side street food (everything is $1-2).

If you rented a scooter, you can drive the scooter directly on to the ferry. The ferry will cost you NT$30 ($1 USD) each way from the Kaohsiung port.

Eat at Rueifong Night Market

If you know anything about Taiwan, you probably know about how popular Taiwanese night markets are!

Night markets are streets lined up with independently owned food stalls. Rueifong is the biggest night market in Kaohsiung and is worth a visit if you love food.

If locals are in line to get the food from one vendor, then you know it's going to be super tasty.

Most food will cost between NT$30-100 ($1-3 USD). The portions aren't a full meal, but maybe 2-3 items will fill you up. Bring friends and share your food so you can try more.

Kaohsiung City.

Pier 2 Art Center

The Pier 2 Art Center has a lot of free exhibits and is worth a visit. Kaohsiung may seem like an old city, but when you get to the Pier the vibe of the city completely changes to modern and creative.

You can spend several hours walking around and checking out the art exhibits around the pier.

Contributor: Daniel Talento of Taiwan Eater

Daniel is a blogger behind Taiwan Eater who visited Taiwan in 2018 and decided to stay for the delicious food.


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