What I’ve Learned from Long-Distance Relationship: Things that Work and Things that Don’t

I'm not saying I'm an expert at long-distance relationships, but I was in a few relationships where I had to be apart from my (now ex) boyfriend. It's like, I knew that long-distance relationships would be hard, but damn I fell for the guys who live a thousand miles over and over again.

In my last relationship, we had to do long-distance since my ex is doing his PhD in the Netherlands. A few years before then, I was also in a relationship with someone who lived in Istanbul when I was based in Jeddah.

I know too well it's challenging, it's just that… When you know, you know the right person for you. It doesn't really matter if you end up to be with them forever or they're just there for lessons.

What I've Learned from Long-Distance Relationship: Things that Work and Things that Don't

Long-Distance Relationship: Why I Wouldn't Mind to Redo It Even if I Failed Plenty of Times

You see, being an Aquarius myself, I'm the kind of person who would need some space every time. And now that I think about it, long-distance relationships kept me sane in a way I don't have to deal with this person every day but I know someone somewhere cares about me. That sounds like a win-win to me.

But then again, I failed over and over again because… And in this post, I'm trying to share with you the things that worked on my last long-distance relationships and what didn't.

Some of you are probably in a relationship, and I hope it could last instead of ending up in a failure like mine. So I hope, you could learn something from my previous ones. Otherwise, you'll end up like me… Getting back into the single life, trying to look into more dating sites like Date Fife Singles.

What I've Learned from Long-Distance Relationships

If there's anything I've learned from long-distance relationships, it is that I've learned to trust someone without their presence in my daily life. And believe it or not, whenever I broke up from my long-distance relationships, the problem was never any of us being unfaithful.

In fact, now that I think about it, we always ended breaking up amicably.

But then again, if long-distance relationships work so well, how did I end up with failure? Here are the things that work and don't in my previous relationships.

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Things That Work in Long-Distance Relationships

Based on my experience, there are things that work in my long-distance relationship that made us understand each other despite the miles between us.

1. We've learned to trust each other.

Trust is one of the essential things in a relationship. Without trust, your relationship is basically doomed. When you're far away from each other, you've learned to give each other space because you both lead a different life in a different place. That led you to learn to trust them and their activities.

This won't work if you're a jealous type, but then it would be beneficial for you to learn how to respect your partner within the distance.

It doesn't matter how you got to know each other. For all I care, you could know them through some random online dating site like The Fife Dating Site or they were your holiday flings, a long-distance relationship won't work without any trust between you both.

2. You'll master time-management.

No matter how far you are from each other, giving each other time to connect and tell each other stories about your life are still important when you're in a long-distance relationship.

You could, of course, rely on texting every day, but you need to connect in a way you have a genuine conversation through video call or just a call somewhere. This helps you to maintain the sparks between you two.

And if you have to deal with the time difference, I could guarantee you that you will eventually master time-management. Because you'll learn how to spare some time having a call with them without having to ruin your day-to-day activities.

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3. You'll get forced to be tech-savvy.

No kidding, if I was never in a long-distance relationship, I don't think I'd even bother about the various platforms that work for a video call whatsoever.

I was in a long-distance relationship with my ex during university when Skype was practically the only option to have a video call. In Jeddah, I got a problem with Skype as they blocked the video call option during my time here. That way, I found about Viber.

While me and my last ex, we literally used the platform like Zoom meeting for a call just so we could easily make some time in-between what we do. Him for the thesis, mine for the work.

Things that Don't Work in Long-Distance Relationships

Now, it's time to swallow the bitter truth about how it didn't work for me. Half of the reason was, of course, me, and it's not like I'm not aware of that. Relationship after relationship, I think I'm really trying to improve myself. But damn, it wasn't enough to be enough, was it? 😛

1. Flat conversations that turn off the sparks.

This, my friends, is important. You know your partner better than anyone, so you probably know how to keep the sparks alive between you two. Be it to send them a surprise gift, or something simple like a sexy video session… Do it.

If there's any mistake that I've done, this is probably how I failed. I was never really interested in sex chat or whatever, so whenever we scheduled a call, the conversation was so flat that we ended up chatting like regular friends updating each other's life.

While it is good, when you're in a relationship, it isn't enough.

2. Jealousy.

Seriously, this is a turn off when you're in a long-distance relationship. You're gonna have a burnout in your relationship if you have to deal with jealousy everyday.

It's not easy to be distanced from one and another, jealousy will only make it worse. Avoid that.

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Ready to Jump Into a Long-Distance Relationship?

Long-distance relationship needs a lot of work with a huge commitment. Make sure you two are ready for it. To maintain the connection between you two, there are things that might not be so conventional like trying an open relationship or something else, but make sure that you gain your partner's consent before making things more complicated than it already is.

As I said, it doesn't matter whether you're in a long-distance relationship through online dating site like Mature Fife Dating or you met them while you traveled, a long-distance relationship is two people's job and effort to make it work.


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