What You Could Get in Dubai for $10 – Strolling Around the City on the Budget

Where is the first destination you want to go once we get to travel again?

Wherever your answer is, there's a chance you may have to transit somewhere around United Arab Emirates. The country is home for 2 of the biggest airlines in the Middle East: Etihad Airways and Emirates. And if you're planning to fly with the latter, you may as well have to stop by Dubai for a transit.

Now, we all know that Dubai is portrayed with its lavish lifestyle and luxury in the media. From staying at one of the few 7-star hotels in the world at Burj Al-Arab to signing up for Dubai Helicopter Tour, Dubai has a lot to offer if you're into luxury travel. So, is it worth visiting when you're on the budget in the UAE?

After we covered the capital city Abu Dhabi some time ago, now we've got Sheila of Dicas de Paris to share what you could do in Dubai for $10. So, what are they?

Sightseeing Day for Less Than $10 USD in Dubai

Dubai, the luxurious temple of consumerism is known for one of the most expensive destinations in the world. As a tourist, to spend just $10 USD may sound very challenging. To debunk this certainty, I can show you how you can spend $10 (or even less) on a tourist day in Dubai.

The view around Dubai.

What to Do and Where to Go Around Old Dubai

The city of Dubai is quite famous today for its modernity, its gigantic shopping malls and the tallest buildings in the world. But it still maintains its traditions, mainly in relation to its religion, and much of it can be found in the region they call “Old Dubai”.

To get there, take the metro and get off at the metro station Al Ghubaiba, green line. After a little walk, you get to the main points to be visited for less than $10.

1. Dubai Creek

Take a walk in Dubai Creek and cross the river in the local boats (the “abras”) for 1 AED, less than $0.30!

It is the river that cuts through the city and it is very beautiful to see the hustle and bustle of the working people, as the exotic scenery.

The abras.

2. Dubai Heritage Village

Take a walk in Dubai Heritage Village, a space that aims to emulate an old village and that houses several craft shops and spaces for cultural events, in addition to a small Museum of Fishing free of charge.

3. Museums in Dubai

Visit local Museums like the Dubai Museum and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House. Located close to the Old Dubai area, you can visit both places almost for free.

The Dubai Museum, which was built at Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in the city, presents various objects, replicas, and montages of situations such as hunting, camping, study and wedding traditions. Entrance fee is 3 AED (around 0,85 USD).

Dubai creek.

4. Some Famous Souks (The Traditional Open Markets)

The main Souks are in the Deira region and I recommend visiting.

The Gold Souk, probably the most famous, has dozens of stores specialized in products made with gold and the tour can serve only as a curiosity or even buy a golden souvenir of the trip.

The Deira Grand Souk is a very extensive fair, mixing with other souks, such as spices and fabrics. Here you will really have a little experience of what traders and their transactions were like in the past.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building not only in Dubai, but also in the world.

5. Dubai Mall

Go watch the Dancing Water fountains at night in the Dubai Mall.

Most hotels offer a free shuttle to the mall. With more than 1,200 stores in a built area of more than half a million square meters, this is the largest mall in the world and the main attraction of the new city.

Mainly known for two great sites: the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world and the famous dancing waters fountains.

After doing some site seeing of the tallest building in the world, find a spot in front of the mall, and wait for the show. The fountains make their dance every 60 minutes starting for 7 p.m. (check for variations when you travel).

As you can see, although this city can be so expensive, you still can have fun and enjoy the city for less than $10 USD with enough to cover in a day.

With these suggestions, your highest cost will be the metro ticket covering 3 zones for 8.5 AED (not more than $3!). 

Enjoy your stay!

Contributor: Sheila from Dicas de Paris.

Sheila Pimenta is a travel enthusiast and destination blogger. Moving around for 4 years, she visited 40 countries (and counting!). After traveling several times to Paris and France, she created a blog to help Brazilians to plan their trips to Paris and share her travel planning experience. 

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