Updating Your Travel Blog During Covid-19: Why I Still Update Mine Despite the Travel Ban All Over the World

Lately, I've seen a question that has been asked often within travel bloggers community. It is the question about whether or not we should update our travel blog during Covid-19, since we basically can't travel these days.

Honestly, this kind of question is usually the question that I wouldn't bother to check the answer. Why? Because the answer is usually more about the responder's perspective, rather than an exact formula. I personally think that the question shouldn't be asked to begin with, because after all… It's your blog. You can do anything you want, as long as you know the risk.

So, even though some fellow bloggers find it frowned upon to still update my blog with travel articles, today I'm going to write about why I decide to still update mine despite all the travel bans.

Here's why.

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1. I said it once, I'll say it one more time: content will always be king.

No, I'm not saying that I'll do anything for the content… Nope. But then again, when you claim yourself as a content creator, it's good to always have something to prove that you actually create a content right?

As a blogger, I realized that the term “content is king” is pretty legit as the more pieces that I've written and published here, the more opportunities that I got for my blog. It's basically a win-win. It's like, even though no one reads the articles because of the travel ban, I still can use my writing pieces as my portfolio.

Mind you, my blog has become my portfolio ever since I started it 3 years ago. And I've landed a few gigs and jobs through it. So I guess even though I'm not exactly an excellent writer, this blog leads more opportunities for me because of the content that I've created here.

2. I just came back from my Indochina trip when all the lockdowns and travel bans started.

I mean, I'm sorry that it sounds selfish… But I really just finished my trip earlier this year and I just can't wait to share my story now that the memory from my travel is still fresh in my head.

So yes, I'll still share my travel stories from Indochina since there are so many things I'd like to share with my readers. From the fun times I had in Chau Doc to later when I was forced to reroute because I got sick and had to get myself checked for Coronavirus in Laos. What a trip!

And no, I'm not gonna postpone all these stories until later when everyone is allowed to travel because if there's one thing I understand about blogging, it takes time. Not only for the writing alone, but also to get the post out there.

Who knows? You'll reap what you sow right? If I could write my story now, someone somewhere may need it by the time we can go back to travel again. So yes, I'm still gonna reap the seed now in the form of a travel blog post.

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3. It's a productive way to spend the quarantine days.

Look, we don't know how long it's gonna take for us to do this self-isolation. I'm sorry if I choose to update my blog over getting deadly bored because of ‘rona. It keeps me sane and productive during these quarantine days.

I think I'm quite lucky as I didn't niche down to just a travel blog. I mean, when in doubt, I can always try writing about something else that may be beneficial for my blog readers. Instead of being bored, I could at least create something out of it.

Thankfully, I nag and complain about everything but so far I never complain about I've got nothing to do during this quarantine. If anything, my schedule has been quite packed ever since we're on a partial lockdown here in Bandung.

But it's only for a good reason. I have a few jobs that are still running despite the difficult period all with Covid-19. And you know the good thing? I've hired 3 more assistants this month to help me with The BeauTraveler. Yes, The BeauTraveler has a team now!!! 😀

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4. My blog, my rule!

This is the rule I live by ever since I started blogging years ago. I always think that since it's my blog… I could do anything I want about it.

My don't-give-a-fuck attitude kinda comes handy when it comes to this, because that way I could write and create content about anything I want. Not to mention that my blog isn't big enough to gain a hater whatsoever.

Again, if there's one thing I've learned about blogging, it is that there's no exact formula to it. Everything is based on assumption, except for when Google gets involved. LOL.

So yes, despite all the travel bans during this Covid-19, you'll still find some travel articles on my blog… On to the next one, and cheerio!

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