What You Could Get in Antigua Guatemala for $10 – Stroll Around and Experience the Best of the City on the Budget

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This week's post for $10 series will be special, because it is the first city in Central America that we'll be covering!

Thanks to Kesi of Kesi To and Fro, today, we're going to head over a city in Guatemala to see how far we could get for $10. So, what could you get in Antigua Guatemala?!

How to Stretch Your Budget in Antigua

Although Antigua is one of the most expensive cities in Guatemala, you can still explore the city cheaply. Let me show you how far $10 can stretch in this charming, colonial city.

Stroll Around the Iconic Arch in Antigua

Start your day with a breakfast sandwich at one of the tiendas. The sandwich is simple, with ham and cheese, but it's only .65 cents. After you eat breakfast, it's time to walk around the city.

Antigua is very picturesque because of its brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets. It only takes 20 minutes to walk from one corner of the town to the opposite corner, which makes Antigua a manageable place to explore on foot. The arch is the most popular spot to take a photo.

Don't Miss the Local Cuisine in Antigua!

After exploring the city, walk up the hill to the Cerro de la Cruz. This activity is free and shows you the Antigua skyline, which includes a volcano. Try and spot the streets you walked on.

Next, head to Rincon Tipico for cheap, local cuisine. Even though Rincon Tipico is affordable, only $3.90 for a lunch plate, it is one of the best restaurants in Antigua.

Their chicken is juicy, and the portion sizes are big, providing excellent value. They also have the best tortillas. There are other cheap lunch restaurants as well, like Toko Baru, or you can go to one of the parks and buy street food from a local vendor.

Attend the Soccer Game

An option for an afternoon activity could be attending a soccer game. The mascot for the Antigua soccer team is avocados since there are many in the city!

A ticket costs $2.60, and it's fun to watch a popular sport in the country. The area where players enter and exit is covered so that fans won't throw anything at the players.

After the game, go to one of the many cafés in Antigua. You can grab a coffee and use the wiFi and stay as long as you please.

Bella Vista is one of my favorite cafes because there's a great view from the outside terrace. A coffee costs $2. To end the day, find a friend and drink a beer in the park. You can grab a beer for $1 at the corner store and unwind the day.

Contributor: Kesi Irvin from Kesi To and Fro

Kesi quit her job on Wall Street, and has been backpacking around the world for 5 years. Her blog focuses on connecting with locals, traveling to less popular destinations, and teaches how to sustain long term travel. Antigua, Guatemala is one of her favorite places, and she has spent significant time there, visiting on 5 different occasions in the past 5 years.


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