The Mou Hotel, Phnom Penh: Is It A Recommended Place to Stay in the Capital City of Cambodia?

As you all probably know, my last trip to Indochina was my first time in Phnom Penh. I had no clue about Cambodia’s capital city, but at the time, I already knew what I wanted to do when I was there.

This trip alone was the umpteenth attempt for me to live a semi-digital nomad life. So apart from the tour related to the Cambodian genocide, I decided to stay a little longer than any other place as I spared a day to do nothing much at the hotel.

Before heading to Phnom Penh, I already got an appointment with my local Indonesian client to have a virtual meeting. So I figure, I just had to empty my traveling itinerary for a day and focus on the meeting in the capital city of Cambodia.

I barely researched the recommended accommodation to stay in Phnom Penh, and instead just booked one that looked convenient, reliable, and not too pricey. That’s when I ended up booking The Mou Hotel in Phnom Penh for my 4-night stay there.

The Mou Hotel, Phnom Penh

Budget was the main reason why I ended up booking The Mou Hotel in Phnom Penh. The night rate for a double room there was super affordable, I’ve only paid IDR 1,002,677 (around $67.8 USD) in total for my 4-night stay.

It was the rate for a room without breakfast facilities, but it offers everything that I need during my stay there. Elevator and especially wifi, since I scheduled a virtual meeting with my local client beforehand.

I wasn’t aware of the hotel’s location, but I figured the affordable night rate is probably because it’s not in the strategic area in Phnom Penh.

Giant Ibis offers free pick-up for those who stay in hotels around the city center to give you a context. In that situation, the free pick-up wasn’t available for me at The Mou Hotel when I headed to Siem Reap. However, I took a Grab car from the hotel to the bus stop in Phnom Penh, and it only cost me $2.5 USD.

Double Room at The Mou Hotel

With the night rate for about $17 USD, apart from the location, The Mou Hotel actually has everything that I look for in an accommodation. 

With the price, even though it didn’t include breakfast, The Mou Hotel has a restaurant on the second floor where they serve various kinds of meals. They even have nasi goreng (fried rice in my native language, Indonesian!), written with Indonesian/Malaysian!

During my stay there, I only had breakfast there once and I straight ordered nasi goreng because of the term used in the menu that made me feel a little too close to home. With $5 USD, honestly it could be better! 😛 

However, when it comes to the room itself, it’s certainly worth the money!

The double room that I stayed at the hotel was super clean, spacious and everything worked perfectly from the wifi, air conditioner, and even the small fridge under the desk.

The Facilities

I initially had a problem with the wifi connection on my laptop, but I called the receptionist to tell them about my problem, and they helped me through it. And their wifi connection was quite fast that the virtual meeting with my client went quite smoothly.

They provide a phone by the bed, so you could also request a wake-up call if needed. If anything, I think I’m quite impressed with the room since it’s quite spacious and they also have a wardrobe and a desk that is quite convenient for work.

Well, the latter wasn’t ideal to use for work though. The chair was a wooden chair that wasn’t too comfortable to sit for a long period, and my knee kept knocking on the fridge door. But hey, you couldn’t get everything for $17 USD/night!

Mineral water, basic toiletries and tea/coffee are also available with a heating teapot. A must-have for us Asian travelers! #ifyouknowyouknow

The Downside of The Mou Hotel, Phnom Penh

I gotta say, it’s probably the location. Everything else about The Mou Hotel was excellent in terms of the room, the price, and the facilities.

But the location though… The hotel isn’t where you could easily stroll around to the must-visit spots in the city.

You need to book a tuk-tuk to get around, and for someone who likes to walk in my travel like me, it was the downside.

Most of the restaurants around the hotel aren’t designated for a solo traveler since most of them are family restaurants. There were times when I went out for dinner and spread kindness by giving away my leftover to the hotel’s security members. No way in hell I’d finish tom yam enough to serve for 4 people in one sitting, you know?!

Remember the date I had in Phnom Penh that made me have a Brazilian wax at Anna’s Spa?! Well, he stayed in a hotel around the Riverside, and I guess it’s a perfect spot to stay if you’re looking for accommodation in a strategic location around Cambodia’s capital city.

The view around the riverside in Phnom Penh.

Final Verdict: Is Mou Hotel Recommended to Stay in Phnom Penh?

The answer may vary depending on your priority. For me, The Mou Hotel is recommended as I wanted to stay in a comfortable room, where I didn’t have to worry about my work that is also convenient enough for a stay in.

But then I have to admit that The Mou Hotel is probably not the best choice when you’re out at night to grab some dinner. The street around the hotel is already quiet as early as 7 AM.

If you’re looking for accommodation with a little bit of freedom for the food choice, go for the one around the riverside. It’s gonna be more convenient for you! 🙂


  • The night rate was super affordable, under $20 for a clean and spacious room with a good internet connection? Yes, please!
  • The staff was super helpful, and they speak relatively good English to help you with your problems. 
  • I could guarantee that it’s a great place to stay for a proper rest. I figure hotels around the riverside might not be ideal for rest since there might be some music playing around the hotel area. 
  • Things like ATM and laundry are only around 5-minute walking distance.


  • Since the hotel isn’t located in the city center, there’s no pick-up service from Giant Ibis. 
  • The area of the hotel isn’t really ideal for a solo traveler. The restaurants around the hotel are family restaurants where they sell the food in bulk. 

So, those are my thoughts on The Mou Hotel in Phnom Penh. Is it recommended to stay there for your next travel to Cambodia’s capital city? You decide! 😉


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