What You Could Get in Kyiv for $10 – Things to Do in the Capital of Ukraine on the Budget

Hi everyone!

Earlier this year, I covered the first Ukrainian city in this $10 series. And after covering Lviv a few months ago, I’m excited to talk about another city in Ukraine. And this time, it’s the one and only the capital city of Ukraine: Kyiv.

Thanks to Inessa and Natalie of Through a Travel Lens, we will find out soon how to spend your $10 in Kyiv. So what are there to see in Kyiv? Check this out!

What You Could Get in Lviv for $10 – A Taste of Wonderful Ukrainian Food in the City’s Main Square

Hi everyone!

On this week’s $10 series, as we’ve never covered any city in Ukraine before, this one would be special… Yep, it’s going to be our first post in the series to cover somewhere in Ukraine. And now, we’re gonna cover Lviv, thanks to Emma of Travel on a Time Budget.

I gotta say, I myself am not familiar with the city, but let’s check out how far you could get in Lviv for $10 USD! 😀