What You Could Get in Perth for $10 – Things to Do on the Budget Around Fremantle and Beyond

Hi everyone, how’s your 2021 so far?!

It’s the second post of the $10 series this year, and we’re going to cover a city in the down-under. The capital city of Western Australia, Perth, is a city that I had been longing to cover. 

One of my best friends moved there, and even though I’ve never been there, I’d love to come for a visit one day. 

Today, Victoria of Guide Your Travel will share with us how far you could get around Perth for just $10 USD. So, what could you get in Perth within the budget? 

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Uluru Resort: How to Experience Ayers Rock in Luxury

There are two types of travelers; those who don’t mind living out of their car while camping in an uncomfortable tent under the stars and those who want to be served and treated like VIPs. Although there is nothing wrong with either one of these types of travelers, we’d like to focus on those keener on traveling in luxury.

When you want to visit the great Australian Outback, you won’t even be able to imagine that you can actually travel in style. The deserted hot area of Uluru is usually associated with dust, sweat, and scorching hot temperatures. One might think that this means an uncomfortable hot stay without any luxurious facilities. Well, think again.

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Freycinet Has the Best Hotels and Wide Range of Accommodation Options

If you’re looking for a town where time stands still, there is but one place that has been known to do that – Freycinet. This Peninsula situated in Tasmania occupies an entire island on its won and has the most magnificent array of luxurious and otherwise experiences to offer its visitors.

Nowhere else will you find something so unique that you would want to call it home within the first few days of living here.

Its residents haven’t left for decades and more come every year not just to see what its like but to live and engulf everything about it from its sun, sea, sands and bays, to its delicate cuisines that include fine and fresh seafood dining, some of the wines and luxury lodgings to keep you comfortable throughout.

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5 Reasons to Visit Lord Howe Island Holidays

With its clear waters, sandy beaches and beautiful forests, the Lord Howe Island has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia.

Both Australians and people from other parts of the world have fallen in love with this astonishing island the very first time they saw it.

Set at only 500 miles off the coast of Sydney, this island has a lot to offer, starting with the amazing landscapes and the astounding marine life. Read this extensive guide, so that you know what you can expect when you get to the island.

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What You Could Get in Victor Harbor for $10 – How to Make the Best Out of the Coastal Town in South Australia

Hi everyone!

Are you ready to go to the downunder again this week?

Today, we’re going back to Australia to see how many things you can do in one of the cities there for $10 USD. This time, we’re traveling to a coastal town in South Australia, Victor Harbor!

Natalie and Steve of Curious Campers will take us to the town and show us how we could get some adventures on the budget there. So, what could you get in Victor Harbor for $10?

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