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What You Could Get in Buenos Aires for $10 – 10+ Things To Do on the Budget in Argentina’s Capital City

Can you believe that it's been almost 4 years since the last time I wrote about some fun facts about Argentina?! The other day, we were also talking about Dulce de leche, one of the must-try ice creams in Argentina!

Today, thanks to Deborah of Passport The World, we're going to cover the capital city of Argentina and talk about some budget-friendly things you can do to explore Buenos Aires.

So, what could you get in Buenos Aires for $10?!

How to Explore Buenos Aires Under $10

Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful cities in South America! Cosmopolitan, charming, vibrant, bustling, combining European architecture and a Latin vibe, with an incredible cultural life, amazing culinary offer and nightlife.

Buenos Aires is a city full of life in which it is very difficult to get bored. It is not the cheapest city but still, you will be surprised what wonders you can discover for $10 USD!

buenos aires in argentina

Did you know?

Buenos Aires is known for its progressive point of view. The city council passed legislation to allow LGBT civil unions as early as 2002, which makes it the first city in Latin America to recognize LGBT rights. By 2010, the whole government of Argentina also passed a bill to allow gays and lesbians to get married legally.

Here is a list of things you can do for 10 dollars (around 1700 Argentinian pesos)!

1. Visit the Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires (MALBA)

This museum has an amazing collection of Latin American art, including international exhibitions. Apart from the building itself, the surroundings are worth a visit as well.

2. Try typical Argentinian dishes in the restaurant Ña Serapia

This tiny spot located on Avenida Las Heras is far from being a tourist spot but so authentic that nobody should miss it. You'll find locals, Argentinian food such as empanadas and locro, and a very famous photo that artist Marcos López made of the cook, Héctor.

3. Go on a guided visit to the Cementerio de la Recoleta

Among its famous graves, you can find Evita Peron's and many worldwide famous Argentinian personalities from the cultural or science field.

Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4. Visit one of the bookstores and buy a book!

Buenos Aires is among the cities with the highest number of bookstores per person. You shouldn't miss El Ateneo Grand Splendid, this 2000 meters book store, situated in a former theater, is considered one of the prettiest bookstores in the world.

5. Take a tango class at La Viruta Tango Club

Among a lot of local dancers, you can have a drink and also take a short lesson to learn the first steps of this sensual dance.

6. Go to La feria de San Telmo

Taking place every weekend along the streets of this typical neighborhood, you can buy some local craft as a gift or souvenir here.

Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

7. Go for a guided tour in the Colon Theater

One of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, make sure not to miss it out on the list of places you visit in Buenos Aires!

8. Enjoy a theater play in Teatro Cervantes

Buenos Aires is famous for its theatre activity, with hundreds of plays per weekend. It is hard to choose but the selection of this official theatre will not disappoint you.

9. Have an “aperitivo” in bar Los Galgos.

This Antique bar, is among the list of “bares notables” from Buenos Aires. These are typical bars, most of them from the beginning of XX and all of them are worth a visit!

A cafetaria in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A cafetaria in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

10. Go for “merienda” in cafetería “El gato negro”

Argentinians have the tradition of enjoying a “merienda” around 5 o'clock. Usually, it includes toasts with famous dulce de leche and different cakes. With a wide variety of teas, exhibited in Antique furniture and traditional pastry, this cafetería is a trip for your senses.

11. Visit Mercado de San Telmo and try “choripán”

Choripán is a traditional sándwich with local sausage “chorizo” and “chimichurri” sauce. This original food market has been renewed. Nowadays you can still see some of the old shops like butchers or greengroceries mixed with design stores or fancy cafés.

To find out more activities around Buenos Aires and its surroundings, read more on the best things to do in Argentina article.

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