3 Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv on a Budget

Tel Aviv in Israel is one of the best destinations in the Middle East, whether you plan a trip there for a holiday or just add it to your itinerary in between the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and a visit to Dead Sea.

This time, we have Melissa of The Family Voyage to share some of the best things to do in Tel Aviv on a budget, whether you plan to travel solo or with a family. 

Not sure if Tel Aviv is worth visiting? In this post, we'll outline some fun activities in Israel capital city, from relaxing on the beach to visiting some must-visit spots in Tel Aviv!

Top 3 Cheap Things to Do in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv isn’t known as a budget travel destination, but there are so many great things to do in the city for $10 or less that will still provide you with a true cultural experience!

The local currency is the New Israeli Shekel (ILS), usually just referred to as the shekel for short. $10 is worth approximately 36 shekels, and that can get you pretty far.

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Spend a relaxing day on the beach

Want to spend a relaxing day at Tel Aviv’s beautiful beaches? You can rent a reclining lounge chair for 12 ILS and an umbrella for just 6 ILS at all beaches!

If you want to spend the rest of your money like a real Israeli, stop at Aroma on your way to the beach and grab an iced Aroma, bevakasha (18 ILS). The sweet, caffeinated treat will serve you well under the hot Mediterranean sun.

Credit: The Family Voyage

Want something more nutritious? Instead of a coffee, hit the official beach cafes for a pita filled with hummus and salad (12 ILS). You can buy a water for 7 ILS, or follow the municipality’s environmentally-conscious lead by refilling your own reusable water bottle at one of the many filling stations along the promenade.

If hanging out on the beach isn’t enough entertainment, try to make friends and join a game of matkot, the local beach tennis past time.

Indulge in the local treats

Not a beach goer? No problem! Start your day at Falafel Gabay on Bograshov Street, known to have some of the best falafel in town.

For 19 ILS, you’ll get a pita loaded with piping hot fresh falafel balls, hummus, tehina and any other salads and toppings you want to add. This is the classic, can’t-miss Israeli dining experience!

Credit: The Family Voyage

Not sure what to eat in Tel Aviv? You can also join the food tour in the area, such as this Carmel Market Food Tour to enhance your culinary experience in Tel Aviv. 

Rent a Tel-O-Fun Bike to explore the city

After your belly is full, find the closest Tel-O-Fun bike sharing station – easy to spot with their rows of green bikes!

You can get all-day access to the program for 17 ILS (though if you’ll be in town for a few days and want to get around by bike, you can choose three days for 48 ILS or a week for 70 ILS) and then the first half hour of every ride is free!

With thirty minutes on a bike, you can access all sorts of free activities in Tel Aviv – head north to Yarkon Park to stroll along the shady river path or go south to Jaffa where you’ll enjoy amazing city views from the free gardens at the top or gallery hopping through the newly modernized port and the narrow streets of the old city.

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Conclusion: What to Do in Tel Aviv on a Budget

Many of the best things to do in Israel won’t cost you a penny (or an agorot, 1/100th of a shekel). For a taste of Tel Aviv’s history, stroll down the lovely beachside promenade to the enclave of Neve Tzedek.

You can enjoy walking the quiet streets of one of Tel Aviv’s first neighborhoods, window shop in the interesting boutiques and explore the adjacent century-old reclaimed train station.

When you need a break from walking, park yourself at one of the neighborhood’s excellent cafes like Alma for a coffee or a limonana (lemonade with fresh mint) for 12 ILS.

Duck into the Nahum Gutman Museum (24 ILS for adults, but half price on Fridays!) to spend an hour or two enjoying the fantastical art and then end your evening walking the sun sink into the sea from Charles Clore Park.

Credit: The Family Voyage

Contributor: Melissa fromThe Family Voyage

Melissa is the 30-something wife of Ronnie and mom to Jacob and Shoshana. She was born in Virginia, but have now spent almost half of her life in sunny Los Angeles. She has worked full-time in finance for a decade and fortunately, her company has a great vacation policy that has allowed their family time to explore places together. 

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